10 US troops killed yesterday

I saw Holden’s post below which included 69 US troops have been killed thus far this month. Yesterday when I checked the Iraq Casualty page it was 59 and thought did I read something wrong?

But yes it is 69 as 10 US soldiers were killed yesterday according to theIraq Casualty.org and from theNYT

Four of the soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb west of Baghdad, and three others died in fighting in Diyala province, a troubled area northeast of the capital where sectarian violence has run high.

A Marine was killed by insurgents in Anbar province, the western region where the Sunni insurgency is centered, and two soldiers were killed in Baghdad, one by insurgent gunfire and one by a roadside bomb.


American military officials have given two explanations for the recent increase in casualties, which has come despite improvements in armor protection for soldiers and their vehicles: the rise in violence that usually accompanies the Muslim month of Ramadan, and the more aggressive approach American forces have taken to patrolling the capital.


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