23 thoughts on “Catapulting the Propaganda

  1. now, yah see, just cuz y’all Pile it Higher and Deeper, i’m the C student, and it’s me that’s tha preznit. so ya gotta larn somethin from that

  2. Nope. Won’t work.
    If somebody blew him, we could maybe get him impeached.
    Or maybe it’s just if a chick blew him…

  3. Who is polluting the airwaves while these clowns are brown-nosing the Chimperor? Is Rush simulcasting on every station?

  4. my god is it pasty in their world. and is that georgie’s re-do daycore???? oy vay!
    too scary to think. but a room full of idiots works.

  5. At least one of them is thinking: “He really is an idiot! If it wasn’t for the seven-figure paycheck. . .”

  6. “So anywho, this perch I caught… Dammit Gallagher, pay attention when ahm tellin’ mah fish stories!”

  7. The WPE gathers his minions of mendacity to admire the reality they have created inside the bubble.

  8. The Nuts of the Round Table
    (And yes, I’m fully aware the table is square…)

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