Stand Up/Stand Down, Bitches!

<aYour President, June 9, 2006:

I think it is — we’ll get a realistic appraisal about the capacity for standing up Iraqi troops as this new government begins to function as a government… Once we make those assessments, then I think I’ll be able to give the American people a better feel for what “stand up/stand down” means.

And on June 14, 2006:

Our policy is stand up/stand down; as the Iraqis stand up, we’ll stand down.

And again, on September 15, 2006:

The “stand up, stand down” still holds, and so does the policy of me listening to our commanders to give me the judgment necessary for troop levels.

This suit isNOT black. [/Borat]

U.S. forces were back patrolling the streets of the predominantly Shiite city of Balad on Tuesday after five days of sectarian slaughter killed 95 people, violence that surged out of control despite the efforts of Iraq’s best-trained soldiers.

Iraq’s 4th Army took command of the region north of Baghdad a month ago, but had been unable to stem recent attacks in Balad, where the slayings of 17 Shiite Muslim workers Friday set off revenge killings by Shiites.

So far we’ve had69 American deaths this month in Iraq and October is barely half over.

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