Cheney’s World of Wonder

Last week when Dick Cheney was in New Orleans theTimes Picayune headline read…”VP Hails Strides in Work on N.O. Levees” and noted Cheney was “tremendously impressed” with the work on the levees. WOW “tremendously impressed” sounds impressive! But alas sorry NOLA you’re not unique…nor is Dick’s message…

Dick was Tremendously Impressed (or TI’d for short) on a previous memorable visit to theGulf Coast in September 2005 just prior to being told to “Go Fuck yourself Mr. Cheney” by a MS resident…

Cheney had just noted that he had been“tremendously impressed with the messages I’ve received from the local folks,”

TI‘d with Croatia–August 8, 2006 headline…”Cheney: US“tremendously impressed” with Croatia’s progress” and from the article

Americans are“tremendously impressed with Croatia’s progress over the past few years,” Cheney said.

TI‘d with Senator Wallop–November 16, 2005

And I wastremendously impressed, as all of us were, when he took on a longtime, very popular incumbent U.S. Senator –- and won the race by more than 10 points.

TI’d with Kazakhstan–May 6, 2006

I think all Americans aretremendously impressed with the progress that you’ve made in Kazakhstan in the last 15 years.

TI”d with MASH units–December 21, 2005

“I’m …tremendously impressed with what we’ve been able to do with our MASH units and with U.S. forces able to move quickly into the area,” the vice president said,

TI‘d with China–April 15, 2004

The people of the United States aretremendously impressed with the achievements China has made in recent decades.”

TI’d with effort to find a VP (err himself)–February 20, 2005

I becametremendously impressed with the amount of thought that had gone into it, and this went—took a couple of months.

TI’d with DHS Operations Center–July 8, 2004

I’mtremendously impressed by the operations I’ve seen on my tour today, by the talent and the dedication of the employees.

TI’d with W —October 5, 2000 (during VP debate)

I was eager to sign on when he asked me to become his running mate is because I’ve been sotremendously impressed with what he’s done as the Governor of Texas.

TI’d with CIA–November 8, 2002

We both have beentremendously impressed over the years by the professionalism and the very high standards of the CIA, both in the work that is done and in the people who do it.

TI’d with Iraq elections–December 18, 2005

Well, I think, like most people who’ve looked at it, I’ve beentremendously impressed with what happened in the election just this past week.

TI’d with daughter Mary’s handling being a lesbian–May 30,2005

And I wastremendously impressed with how she handled it, because it was difficult for her too.

And everbody was TI’d with Gulf War I–in1992

And while everybody wastremendously impressed with the low cost of the (1991) conflict,

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  1. I’m tremendously…oh hell…I’m TI’d by the ability of medical staffs to keep Cheney physically functioning when his mind obviously abandoned his body many years ago.

  2. TI’d with daughter Mary’s handling being a lesbian–May 30,2005
    And I was tremendously impressed with how she handled it, because it was difficult for her too.
    this is a rtevealing quote for what it says about how self centered the VP is. remember when he warns about security threats, it’s really his OWN ass he cares about most.

  3. lol! 🙂 just be careful not to knock anything out of place – then we’d really be in trouble. ha. ok, screw it – we’re fucked…impress aay!

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