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  1. Wow!
    I guess if we don’t see Kieth after this, we can presume he was picked up as an unlawful combatant and shipped off.
    A sad day for our people.
    Serving Patriot

  2. I hearts me some Keith Olberman. The man has brains, integrity, and brass balls.

  3. Once again he hits it out of the park.
    The beginning of the end of America. Truer words were never spoken. We are now beyond the tipping point in this country and on the ever increasing slope toward a dictatorship. We can only hope that generations down the road will look back on this and find some inspiration and solace that there were those brave souls like Keith who spoke the truth. It truly depresses me to think where we have allowed ourselves to be taken. A country of fear-filled lemmings who deserve no better than what they are about to get.
    America, you have just given away everything your ancestors, neighbors, friends and loved ones have fought and died for in countless battles over more than two centuries in the necessary defense of freedom and liberty. We have now sold our country’s soul to the devil. The terrorists have won. They can now rightfully declare their victory. We can only hope that the people of this country will soon take off their blinders and wake up to the fact that the Constitiution which we claim to hold in such reverence has become essentially void.
    What a depressing day to be an American.

  4. If I didn’t know better, I’d say KO is getting just a wee bit SHRILL! I LOVE IT!!!!
    He’s shown more courage in these past few months than Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Hastert, Delay, and Abramoff have ever shown. God bless you, Keith Olberman!

  5. When the MSM finally notices, they will notice Keith called Bush a liar.
    And “Tut-tut” to themselves, and give him no further attention, because such language is so unseemly, so ideologically driven, so partisan.
    Truth hurts.

  6. Ohmyfriggingod… I’m torn between shouting HOORAY for this having been said and crawling into a corner to cry for the loss of my country. Either way, what Keith said is something I don’t want to lose. Can we get a transcript somewhere? I want to frame it and save it for my grandchildren so they can know that some of us were trying, some of us knew what was happening, and some of us said what needed to be said. Thank you, Keith. And thank you Scout Prime and First Draft for bringing this to me.
    Rebel Granny, a regular lurker.

  7. Your welcome Rebel Granny. Thanks for reading or lurking and glad you commented too.

  8. Serving Patriot, your comment is brilliant. It’s also a very sad commentary on the state of the country.

  9. Too bad Olberman’s comments will only be heard by those who already know how terrible this Act is.

  10. I caught his midnight show and he at times over the past few months seems to be channeling the spirits of Ben Franklin and Thomas Paine.
    Notice that MSNBC has the hardball political all-stars or some such crap that includes Chris “Love me that Bush” Mathews, Rita “escapee from Fox” Cosby, Tucker (who I will admit has begun to make at least try to make sense since letting some O2 into his head since taking off the bow-tie), and Joe Scarborough (R-recovery). 4 right-wingers, great job. Hell Joe is the closest thing they have to a leftist in the bunch. The D.C. beltway media in a nutshell. Then here comes Oberman, a former sports reporter, and he is the only one there who actually gets it. Perhaps because in sports broadcasting, playing the roll of the homer and not being able to be critical of the local team is a surefire way to be shown the door. In D.C. it gets you invited to the best parties.
    The scariest moment of the show was the very end. There was no pause or break before they put up a sudden disclaimer about graphic material regarding the following prison peice. It left me seriously wondering if someone had pulled the feed. The very fact that I could take such an event as a real possibility shows how far as a country we have gone from our basic principles.

  11. Geez. He talks about dragging Dubya in front of a tribunal like it would be a BAD thing. 😉

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