Hey Mark Green…Push This

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I just got a push poll call for Mark Green Republican candidate for Governor in Wisconsin and it was a real stinker.

How stinky you ask?

Well after 3 or 4 horrible and not true statements on Dem candidate Doyle we got to the one about how the economy in Wisconsin under Doyle is worse than those of the “Katrina states.” Well that was it for me as you can imagine. When I said this is a push poll and a really bad one at that the person conducting the poll said…”I know. I hate this too. I’m really sorry.” That person apologized a second time at the end of the call. I said it’s OK I know it’s not your fault.

Sheesh…The paid help can’t even hold their nose long enough to push Mark Green’s shit

3 thoughts on “Hey Mark Green…Push This

  1. an honest push poller?!? wow.
    so far, i only had a poll that focused on the Reynold/sullivan race. i told him twice i was NOT in the district. but i know all about that sniveling nazi Reynolds, so i gave him it all. did call him a talibornagain nut.
    i LOVE right wing push polls. bring it on. at least to us who know something.

  2. I had the pleasure of responding to a call from a supporter of Republican Craig Romero, who is challenging the Democratic incombent, Charlie Melancon, in my congressional district. When the person asked if I would consider supporting Romero, I said, fervantly, “Oh, no, I could never vote for a Republican.” She said, “Oh, OK.”

  3. You know I’ve written about this before and did a butt load of research about push polls.
    People dither around about how to “define” if it is a push poll to see if it is or isn’t.
    I dithered because I didn’t want to spread the untrue rumors if I exposed it. But what I did was find out who exactly was doing it.
    The trick with push polls is that they don’t come from the candidates anymore, but from 527s who are not SUPPOSED to coordinate with the candidate. So the 527 can spread sleaze with impunity. It’s a win, win. The candidate gets the dirty smear bump but can say, “I didn’t know anything about it!”
    I thought about how to deal with this.
    I determined:
    Contact the major players (bloggers and papers) who are covering the race tell them what is going on.
    Contact the person who is the target so they know it is happening.
    Contact the person who is the “Sponsor” and ask them why they are doing it. They will say they didn’t do it. Ask them to find out who is. If the won’t ask them to publicly rebuke the group that is doing it.
    Think about the famous Push poll that someone (Karl Rove) did on John McCain. What if it was exposed and connected to Rove/Bush. I don’t know if it would have made a difference, but maybe the exposure would have made it harder for McCain to pretend he didn’ t know that it was Karl/Bush doing it.
    What do ya think?

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