Dear Senator Obama

Shut up, please thanks bye now.

No love,


Look, I’ve got nothing against Obama really. He seems like a perfectly nice guy, if a little prone to hectoring and condescension, but there’s absolutely nothing about his projected presidential run that suggests he’d be anything more than yet another Not Bill Clinton, another guy who thinks the reason Clinton won was because he gave pretty speeches, another guy who thinks the most pressing issue of our day is “the tone in Washington” and that people without jobs really give a flying fuck how a bunch of guys in Washington talk to one another.

He says this in that article:

On Sunday, Obama dismissed notions that he might not be ready to run for president because of his limited experience in national politics. He agreed the job requires a “certain soberness and seriousness” and “can’t be something you pursue on the basis of vanity and ambition.”

And I’m left thinking yet again that wouldn’t it be nice if we could have a presidential candidate who, instead of talking about what kind of person we need in the Oval Office, would talk about what he wanted to get DONE in there. This isn’t a position where you get to sit behind a desk and look good. If that was the case, Chimpy wouldn’t be such a disaster. You actually have to work, and it would be nice if our candidate could put forth a list of tasks instead of a list of things he plans tofeel.

In other words, schmuck.


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  1. Seems to me the question he answered was about his limited experience, not about his vision for the future (or how good he would look in the chair, for that matter).
    A, I’m not sure there is anything before now that I have disagreed with you more about.
    I just don’t get the insult part… what did he do to earn it? I mean, Chris Dodd is a schmuck, Colin Powell is a schmoe, and Clinton is an idjit.. but Obama? What has he done here aside from answering the question asked of him?
    … which is actually rather commendable in this day, no?

  2. Also, fuck ‘the tone’ in Greater Washington, I agree.
    But “the tone” in the sentate ITSELF is very very very important, and Obama has me on that one.

  3. I agree with A. He comes off very much as a concern troll, especially when it comes to Democrats and religion. But given the choice of Obama or any Republican in 2008, I’d still vote Obama.

  4. There was a great profile on Obama in Harpers. It’s not online (yet?) but if you get a chance you should read it. It’s not a fluff piece and shines some light on his PAC…but it also deals with his goals in Washington: Getting something done and also representing his constituents. Shocking for a congresscritter, I know…

  5. He has, up until now, largely used his position in the spotlight to lecture other Democrats about how they should behave towards religious people and other reliably conservative voters, reinforcing a Republican Noise Machine stereotype that hurts us when it comes out of the mouth of one of our own.
    And if the question was about his limited experience, he could have fired back with answers that showed a clear set of priorities, demonstrating an understanding of the issues facing America today, thereby proving that his inexperience doesn’t prevent him from learning. Instead he talked about “seriousness.” You talk about the tone in Washington when you don’t think anything else you have to say will get through, and that’s a crappy place to start your campaign.

  6. yes, a scold is a scold. NOW, a democrat that spanks democrats to start to act like actual democrats like Dean? that i accept fullheartedly.

  7. Olbermann interviewed him last week, and I did not find him impressive at all. He stuttered a bit, said “uh” a lot, and generally inspired no more than a yawn in me. He’s about as electrifying as Hillary. Definitely a Not Bill Clinton.

  8. Geez,
    Talk about being a schmuck. Look in the mirror.
    The guy is in the process of explaining why he is considering a run. His statements address that issue. If he decides to actually run, then obviously he is going to have to offer a governing vision. If he arrives at caucus night in Iowa without having said a word about what he would actually do with the presidency, then your comments would be appropriate. For now they just sound completely off the wall.

  9. If I may,
    I think the redoubtable and talented A’s issue with senator Obama is that he is far too concerned with the tone of things, you know, if only we can appreciate the other side and their hopes and dreams, when the problem is that the political party cuurently occupying the White House and the Leadership Chairs in Congress, are a bunch of psychopathic cowards, i.e. BULLIES, and all the concern in the world doesn’t address the fact that they hate democracy and free speech and Obama and me and Athenae, and Tena and everybody else who wants to make the world a better place, who care about other human beings and the world we all live in, and that failure to recognize the nature of the opposition makes all of his pretty words and wonderful ideals a complete and utter waste of time, wasteful, ineffective, and even, I submit, enabling for these thugs to perpetuate their miserable and mis-begotten greed and hate and grotesque ignorance.
    I submit that if Senator Obama wants to be taken seriously by progressive minded patriots like A, he needs to start recognizing and acting upon, that realization.
    And showing concern and angst for the Democratic Party ain’t recognition or action.

  10. I am well into Barak Obama’s book, “The Audacity of Hope.” So far the message seems to be “we have more in common, than we have as differences.” He appears to be trying to bridge gulf between “liberals” and “conservatives.”
    Returning civility to public discourse would not be a bad thing. He was a somewhat calming influence in the Illinois state senate. He has the ability to bring disparate people together and get them to agree in a common cause. Much as Glenn Poshard did in the House from 1988 – 1998.
    I think we need to give Senator Obama some time to fully develop some position papers that incorporate ideas from across the political spectrum.
    A. I think you are wrong on this one. So far at least.

  11. You actually have to work, and it would be nice if our candidate could put forth a list of tasks instead of a list of things he plans to feel.
    I think, after 8 years of the sublime ineptitude of Chimpy, our candidate better damn well have an extensive tracking record of successfully getting stuff done.
    What has Obama accomplished other than getting elected?
    I want someone I know will be successful in DOING STUFF. GOOD STUFF.

  12. “I think we need to give Senator Obama some time to fully develop some position papers that incorporate ideas from across the political spectrum.”
    Perhaps the balance of his elected term in the Senate will suffice?
    I’m just saying…

  13. Isn’t there more than enough time during the proper primary season for Democrats (with large dollops of help from the Liberal Media) to announce to the greater voting public that we are getting ready to nominate, or have already nominated, someone that even WE think is un-electable? Wasn’t twice enough, or do we have to do it a third time before we learn that lesson?
    Obama isn’t my first choice, but I’m positive that he’d be infinitely better than whoever the Republicans come up with. Hillary also, not my first choice. Neither was Kerry, and neither was Gore. But look at what “wishing for perfect” instead of getting behind “pretty damn good” has gotten us.
    So with that, let me say
    Hey A. SHUT THE HELL UP, please! The circular firing squad is REALLY not helping.
    not nearly as much love as usual,

  14. Look at his voting record…among other bad choices, he voted to confirm Condi and Gonzales. And JOE LIEBERMAN was his mentor in the Senate.
    I totally agree with Athenae. I will NOT vote for Obama again…he is my Senator and I am very disappointed.

  15. I recommend the book ‘Plain Speaking’ to every pol who thinks tone is a problem in DC. It’s basically a transcript of a series of interviews with Harry Truman for a film that was never made because he kicked the bucket. Harry Truman basically calls somebody a son-of-a-bitch every page for 430 pages. How’s that for tone?
    The Rodney King school of politics – “can’t we all get along?” – plays well on the bobblehead TV news programs and with Dean Broder but it doesn’t get the job done. I’ll be supporting Al Gore if he runs. I think he’s spent the last 6 years how to circumvent corporate media and take his message right to the people. Obama’s nice, a great speaker, and probably believes mostly what I believe. But until he shows he’s playing chess, badass chess, and not freaking checkers I’m not buying his candidacy.
    As for what appears to be his genuinely nice guy approach he had better at least flash a knife or two prior to running. Bill Clinton is a nice guy but he commanded some angry dogs that would rip you to shreds. Can Obama get mean? You have to have that in you to be an effective President.

  16. “I will NOT vote for Obama again…”
    So, let’s say in 2008, it comes down to Cheney vs. Obama for the White House. Yeah, it’s far-fetched. But this sort of “I will never..” is how George got in there in the first place. And “I will never…” is just the sort of “principled stance” that has made a mess of everything since.

  17. RobertEarle,
    First of all, it’s rather rude to tell the host to stfu in her own home, and sorta raises questions aboutyour call for civility. That said, the question isn’t whether he would be better than anything the gop dredges from their orc pit; I would be better, A would be better, you would be better.
    The question is his judgement. As in why does he continue to think that the people running the gop are civil, or interested in compromise or policy advancement? Can you cite anything that the GOP has done since 1994 that could in any way be considered beneficial to the nation and her people?
    Because I cannot. Not. one. solitary. thing. (Sorry A)
    And if he can’t recognize that, and stop acting like nobody but his pretty speechifying self thinks we need to improve our discourse and tone, he has no business running for President.
    Cheney and Rove and Dead Man Walking and Bush don’t do policy. They do politics and they only do it to win and exercise POWER. Not what’s good or right or useful, but what gives them POWER. Power to steal, to amass huge fortunes with as little effort as possible, to fill their pathetic and empty inner lives with sweet whisperings from their various and very sundry sychophants, to puff their suits with the appearance of respect and awe, to fill the emptiness that is their souls with things and flattery, with tickets to high priced sporting events they aren’t interested in save for the appearance it generates.
    Of course we need to improve the tone. And we can do that by beating the GOP with my large and very heavy solid oak wall unit until they no longer darken our body politic, not by trying to be civil and nice.
    Senator Obama talks a fantasy, not reality. We can fantasize later, but if you insist on fantasizing now, you need to go away and leave the work to somebody else.

  18. Talk of setting the tone by Dems is troubling to me. I see Republicans and their allies as having set this tone and would feel much better if They who were out there saying we’re going to change. Until that happens in deed and action well I don’t know it matters a hoot what Dems say.
    Like A. and others have commented I would also like to see someone with more experience.

  19. Well, let’s see…
    I didn’t make a call for civility. I urged A to stop trashing Democrats, particularly ones who may well end up being the party’s next nominee for President.
    I don’t give a damn about civility. Get as shrill as you want. Just don’t do it to one another; do it to Cheney and Rove and Bush. Trashing Obama at this point – or at any point between now and Nov 2008 – does no one (except Bush and Cheney and Rove) any good whatsoever.
    Obama is not your choice for 2008? Great. He’s not mine, either. If you (or A or anyone else) want to push for someone else, then push FOR that person; don’t do is by trashing the other Dems in the race. If A want s to tells who her choice is, I’ll be happy to read it. I look forward to it.
    But, on the off-chance Obama does become the candidate, I’d like the public at large to view him as electable. And what A had to say is not helping.

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