Katie’s “rising tide has not lifted her sisters’ boats”

Broadcasting & Cable found less content from female correspondents and well less hard content in Katie’s CBS News…

B&C Contributing Editor Andrew Tyndall analyzed the first six weeks of Katie Couric’s tenure atop the CBS Evening News and found that woman have gotten fewer assignments.


In fact, since Couric’s arrival, women have received 40% fewer assignments than they did under her predecessor, Bob Schieffer. Men, meanwhile, have seen no cutback in their workload.


The upshot of all these changes is that stories filed by correspondents account for just 69% of Couric’s news hole, compared with 85% under Schieffer. And the brunt of that cutback has been borne almost entirely by CBS’ female correspondents.

Under Schieffer, stories filed by women averaged 5.8 minutes each night; under Couric, that average has dropped to 3.0 (the average for men is the same, at 10.1 minutes). Medical correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin has been replaced by Jon LaPook. Sharyn Alfonsi, Schieffer’s fifth-most-heavily-used correspondent, has fallen to No. 14 under Couric. Trish Regan fell from No. 11 to No. 21; Elizabeth Palmer, from No. 16 to No. 27.

B&C also found less hard news…

First, some hard, breaking news has been supplanted by features/interviews/commentary. The “Story of the Day” averages 18% less time than it did under Schieffer, who used to run one soft (human-interest, celebrity) feature for every three on a hard topic. Under Couric, the ratio is one to two. Moreover, the new nightly feature, freeSpeech, devotes 90 seconds to guest commentary.

Tonight Sean Hannitywill be featured on Couric’s Free Speech and execitive producer Rome Hartman hadsaid this of the segment when it was introduced… “And it won’t be a collection of the ‘usual suspects’ or ‘talking heads;’ in fact, we intend it to be just the opposite of that.”

Well give it time…it is a diminishing work in progress

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  1. I rather like the term “Couric’s news hole.” Is that her mouth…or what?

  2. Hannity…they really are trying to woo back CONS after the Dan Rather hit job…
    Whats his free speeh gonna be about…
    Lets take bets
    1. Gay loving Nancy Pelosi
    2. CNN “terrorist snuff film”
    3. DEM Impeachment hearings if elected
    4. An infomercial for Michael Steele

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