The Tubes is Soylent Sewage!!!!!

Last night onCNN David Gergen, Andrew Sullivan and John King discussed the effect of the internet and specifically YouTube on political campaigns.

In short… You whacky kids and your tubular internets have dragged us into the sewer!

GERGEN: That’s right. And it’s also true, I think because the Internet has no standards of what goes on, what does not go on, that it’s made it easier to put on some really tough stuff on television. They sort of lowered the bar, in effect, of what’s acceptable, because what goes out on the Internet is a lot of sewage sometimes.

KING: Sewage is right. Gentlemen, I want to ask you both to stick around. Much more to talk about.

Oh how I long for the good old days of standards and clean non-sewage political ads and… Lee Atwater


6 thoughts on “The Tubes is Soylent Sewage!!!!!

  1. TeeVee has standards? When did that start? If there were standards, Gergen and Sullivan, and probably, King too wouldn’t be allowed on.

  2. Politics was much cleaner before the internets came along.
    Why, I remember how clean it was in Cook County. And in south Texas. And Dick Nixon! Why, he was clean as a hound’s tooth!
    It’s all these kids and their intertubes that stunk things up!

  3. when talking heads realise they are being ignored. oh the humanity!
    and ditto to ‘teevee has standards?’

  4. See now, in my day it was those radical editorial cartoonists that were responsible for the sewage level in politics. And hippies, of course, the dirty hippies ruined everything for Nixon. I bet those dirty hippies and cartoonists are the ones ruining the interwebs.

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