I Piss-Off The Beltway Elite

I had never heard ofPotomacFlacks, a blog authored by Adam Kovacevich (“Assistant Vice President at Dittus Communications, a Washington, D.C. public affairs and communications firm.”). But apparently, PotomacFlacks has heard of me.

It seems that Adam Kovacevich (who thinksDana Peroxide is “hot”) readthis past Tuesday’s edition of Obsession and was not amused by my take on Tony Fratto’s gaggle debut.

Kovacevich sez:

Theseguys may not have cared for Fratto’s first at-bat (then again, how can you please someone who calls Perino “Dana Peroxide” and Snow “Pony Blow Don’t Know”?), and it’s true that Fratto’s performance might not have been as smooth as Snow’s. But he also hasn’t spent years on TV like Snow, and Fratto’s ballsy spin about Bush’s campaign schedule being so light because of “the new campaign finance laws” shows that he knows what he’s doing.

Hat-tip and kisses to my blogmate scout for sending this bit my way.

One thought on “I Piss-Off The Beltway Elite

  1. If he knows what he’s doing, how come there hasn’t been an encore performance? And where the hell is Pony Blow Don’t Know anyway?

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