Rush helps himself to elderly’s tax breaks

TheOrlando Sentinel reports Florida’s Save Our Homes tax “measure meant to protect the elderly from being taxed out of their homes also has let Florida’s wealthiest reap big tax breaks.” One of the fat cats cited who benefited was Rush Limbaugh who got a “tax break of about $224,000.”

“It’s just the opposite of what it should be: take from the poor to give to the rich,” said longtime Orange County Chief Deputy Comptroller Jim Moye. “You’ve just got winners and losers.


The real effect of Save Our Homes has not been so much to cut taxes as to change who pays them, said Dominic M. Calabro, president of Florida TaxWatch, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research and taxpayer-advocacy group.

“Save Our Homes is not a tax limitation. It is a tax shift,” Calabro said. “And when you shift taxes from one group of people, you shaft another group.”


As for the widows, who were the poster girls for the original Save Our Homes campaign, they save slightly less than the average homeowner. In Central Florida, surviving spouses saved an average of $957 last year, while overall homeowners saved an average of $1,010, Sentinel research showed.

Mocking the disabled…taking elderly widows’ tax breaks…if Rush can find a way to screw over some orphans he’ll have hit the worst person in the world trifecta.

9 thoughts on “Rush helps himself to elderly’s tax breaks

  1. Occasionally, thinking on Rush, I pray quite fervently.
    Please let there be a hell. Please let there be a hell. Please let there be a hell.
    Even if I end up there, it’d be worth it if that crude and disgusting creep was down there with me.

  2. I think everyone is missing the best revelation here… That Jimmy Buffett and (Comedian) Rush L. are neighbors… I bet when JB walks his dog on Rush’s lawn, he doesn’t pick up after it… Oooh, and he probably has really loud parties. Oh the possibilities…

  3. Look, I’d hate to pass up on a reason to dump on Rush, but you can’t really use this against him. The law under discussion simply limits the rate at which your property taxes can increase. The law may be a bad one, but it’s not like Rush is deviously taking advantage of a program for widows — he’s just paying his property tax bill when it comes due.

  4. It’s true…he’s just doing what anyone else would do, given a loosely written law.
    Besides, look at what good pills cost now…plus his payments so staff will keep quiet about his antics…neither of which are tax deductable, yet.

  5. The Orlando Sentinel reporter needs to read the Constitution:
    Anyone who owns a homestead property receives this benefit. It may have been sold to the voters as protecting the elderly, but it was never limited that way. It applies to “Every person who has the legal or equitable title to real estate and maintains thereon the permanent residence of the owner, or another legally or naturally dependent upon the owner,…”
    Rush is not “taking” anything. He simply derives the benefit of Florida law.
    (I also discount the “mocking the disabled” … he was simply re-creating what he was watching, I had done it a few times when explaining the controversy to friends because they hadn’t yet seen the Fox commercial.)

  6. The reason he is seen as “mocking the disabled” is that while he was, as you say “simply re-creating what he was watching”, he was actually VERBALLY MOCKING HIM.

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