6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Economy

  1. Per Reuters: “The October new-jobs figure was below Wall Street economists’ expectations for 125,000 but the Labor Department said a total 139,000 more jobs were created in August and September than it had previously thought. It revised up September’s job-creation total to 148,000, or nearly three times the 51,000 it reported a month ago, and said there were 230,000 new jobs in August instead of 188,000.”
    The title of the story: “Unemployment rate lowest in nearly 5-1/2 years”.
    Things look pretty strong to me.

  2. They say the jobs rate went down. But in a week or two after the elections the revised total will come out and it won’t be quite so rosy.

  3. Mrs. Allen Greenspan told me this morning that this was good news. So who am I gonna believe, you or her?

  4. Anon @ 13:30-
    So more Americans got fast food jobs at $5.15/hour and this is good news? Wow, your universe seems pleasant.

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