24 thoughts on “Caption This

  1. “Karl, which button do I push to hack into the Diebold system again?”
    As an aside, I have to say that in this picture Karl Rove looks like the Phantom of the Opera without his mask and wig. And maybe he IS the Phantom–manipulating everything from behind the scenes.

  2. “Well, when I do the math, I figure we’ll only gain 12 seats in the Senate … where are you getting those other three?”

  3. “Yeah Tony, *all* of the President’s adivsors have to do the “lay down in front of the plane wheel” thing. It’s like a rite of passage. Seriously!”

  4. Karl: See I’ve got the vote count right here – looks like we’re down about 5,000. Now press that button…there we go: up by 7,000.

  5. HeeHee I know I say it everytime but you guys crack me up!
    Thank you, you wunnerful Liberals

  6. Karl : “..and when I press this button Richard Perle and the other Neocon turncoats cars will explode in about 5 seconds.4,3,,2,…
    Tony: You make me smile…wanna a “massage”?

  7. No, the earliest flight I can find to the Caymans isn’t wheels up until 8 pm

  8. I checked online here, and our plane is supposed to be getting in right about now
    -Primordial Ooze

  9. *Schpltpltpltpltpltpltplt*
    Excellent sound effects, I must say! Rove and Snow … all the way down the tarmac.

  10. yeah, I know RIM is Canadian but I only give that “Buy American” speech to the losers who vote. Besides, in 2007 we’re invading Canada.

  11. “Robo calls, that’s good for 1,000,000, easy. Challenging voters at the polls, another 250,000, at least. Plus, voting role purges. Add in Diebold and…let’s see. Yeah, that should do it. Brilliant, huh?”

  12. Jesus Carl, you’re giant forehead doesn’t fit on my cameraphone screen.
    JEb: I told you they weren’t real – see that little scar?
    Karl: I’d hit it, just have to stuff a sock in that kooks mouth.
    Jeb: Jesus carl, you’re talking about my mother.

  13. “Okay, Karl, so my Blackberry can’t control the Diebold machines in Ohio like yours, I still think it’s pretty good.”

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