The Only Way

Fromyesterday’s Froomkin, which was uncharacteristically delayed.

Here’s Bush in Greeley, Colo. , on Saturday: “No doubt — let me say to you, if you’ve got a relative in the military, I wouldn’t have your loved one in the theater if I didn’t think we’d win. (Applause.) I can’t look at the mothers and fathers and husbands and wives of those who wear our uniform who may be in Iraq, and say, it’s noble, but not think I can — we can win the — the only way we can win is if we leave before the job is — I mean, the only way we can lose is if we leave before the job is done. That’s the only way.”

Watch him courtesy ofOliver.

One thought on “The Only Way

  1. Gahhh. That’s my home town he’s dumping his shite on. And don’t let the red state surroundings fool you. Greeley is home of the University of Northern Colorado. There’s a very blue dot right in the center of all that red. Some guy was heckling him from a tractor (don’t ask–I don’t know) and got taken away (I don’t have details, I’m afraid).

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