Chat Excerpts

This is what winning was like:

ErinPDX: Tonight, surrounded by wingers who yell “under God”, I’ll shout “Indivisible” extra loudly

Apprentice: White House trying to “rally the troops”. Um…I dont’ think angry troops coming at you with grenades with pulled pins in their hands is a good thing

Moonbootic: i’ve drunk a whole bottle of wine in honour of your mid term elections 😉

TJ, ready: oh we are prepared, alcohol-wise. we are always prepared. we might freeze to death or run out of toiletpaper but we will NEVER run out of booze.

Karin: MSNBC saying “raining cats & dogs in eastern TN”. Are they sure it’s not frogs& snakes?

Tena: See what happens when you actually come down here and help us get Democrats elected, Dr, Dean? See?


Black_Shee: On a rubber crutch Good Friday afternoon in the cold hard RAIN

scout: I wonder if Bill Bennett has laid any bets down

Speedy: Holy fuck! My Bible just flew off the shelf and burst into flames!

Black_Shee: Landtroop … motherfracking school voucher whore on the “family values” ticket, fracking butthat

w00t: lock up the whiskey cabinet in the WH

Sinfonian: I said it before and I’ll say it again. Barnicle can kiss my white Jeopardy!-loving ass.

spocko: Frak. I’m late to the party just saw that Lieberman won. Of cours that means that the netroots has no power. I predict that head line. “Bloggers fail to win a senate seat. Nineern. Nineer.”

joejoejoe: get on the phone to Olympia Snowe…ill give her a foot massage every hour on the hour for the rest of her life if she switches to I

pseudonymo: “Now that it’s past midnight, I begin my Santorum for SecDef campaign. ” – K-Lo

Sen. NTodd: SO SAY WE ALL!

Jellymista: hey i fell asleep any word on montana virginia senate seats?

antrobus: No. Sleep. till Billings!

skippy: life is good


5 thoughts on “Chat Excerpts

  1. Thanks again for the hangover preventative advice, A. I’m mostly functioning today, which is a darn sight better than I thought I’d be.

  2. Dude. You were BLIND last night. I’m just glad you’re okay. 🙂
    I’ve got a bit of a headache myself.

  3. Wonderful. Rumsfeld (I wonder if he’s a rummy), resigns. Just heard it on the news.
    Don’t get me wrong. And I hate to look a gift horse n the mouth (although that’s often a good idea with the BushCo):
    If he had resigned 2 weeks ago, that could have changed the elections. Possibly saved the elections for the Republican thugs. resigning today seems almost pointless.
    What am I missing? (admittedly, “smart” and “Bush” don’t appear together too often)

  4. Ha, yes, I was seriously messed up. I’m just glad none of my remarks made it into the post! :*)

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