Chi Trib: PWNED


They got to vote on one-party rule. They rejected it.

They got a chance to vote local. They voted national.

No matter what name was on the ballot, to many voters it read “George W. Bush.”

And for Republicans, for the first time in six years, that was very bad news.

A toxic stew of a war gone bad, politicians gone corrupt and issues not addressed left voters in vengeful mood, clearly voting more against Republicans than for Democrats.


2 thoughts on “Chi Trib: PWNED

  1. I think that last sentence was right: this was a vote against the GOP.
    Now Pelosi and Reid (and Clinton and Obama) have a chance to give people a reason to vote FOR the Democrats. I expect them to grab it with both hands and not let go. Pelosi and Reid have given me reason to hope.
    So now we’ll see.

  2. And we all know how the Republicans handle toxic stew. Just ask the folks who live by Rocky Flats here in CO.

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