Father God Lied To The Juggernaut

“Stoopit God, Told Me I Would Be A Senator.”

Peter Muhly/Reuters

At leastKatherine Harris was gracious in defeat.

“We fought a good fight,” Harris told about 150 of her supporters. “We knew it would be tough going against an incumbent.”

Her supporters? Not so much.

Bob Waechter, chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota County, called it “a brutal election,” filled with negative campaigning. He blamed some of his party leaders for not fully supporting Harris after a divisive campaign. “There was a failure to come back together,” Waechter said.

Ken Keating, of Sarasota, who spent weeks campaigning for Harris, said he felt the congresswoman never received the Republican support she needed. “The entire Bush family turned their backs on her,” Keating said. “I was very disappointed because I was hoping for a change.”

You’ll findHarris’ concession speech here..

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  1. Of the 150 supporters present at Harris’ concession wingding, I’d venture that only about 100 actually voted for her.

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