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  1. Could you give us a ‘master list’ of (net roots?)candidates to check off on election night? We’re going to a dems abroad thing in Amsterdam to watch election coverage. It would be cool to print off a list and note results as they come in.

  2. Predictions of the election, actualities of the count:
    “Extremely important to get to your local county office to witness processing of absentee ballots. I have been told (and am trying to verify) that
    “the rejection rate based on signature matching is 10-20%. Yep, that’s TEN TO TWENTY PERCENT OF ABSENTEE BALLOTS BEING REJECTED!!!
    “and to add fuel to the fire, the RoV’s office says it doesn’t have time to notify the voters who have been disenfranchised in this manner!!!!!””
    — report from California

  3. To Anon at the top. Daily Kos has election results pages. The links are at the top of the homepage

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