What You Did

I’ve had about four hours’ sleep, which is more than most people here have had. We were up all night, watching returns, figuring out all the angles, and I’ll post excerpts from the chat later because that was one fat fucking PARTY, and if you missed it, you at least need a taste.

But I wanted to get something out there ASAP today.

Don’t fall for the Republican spin.

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the idea that if we don’t take the Senate, it’s all worthless. Don’t let yourself make this whole race about one seat, or two seats, that a guy you like lost. Tammy Duckworth lose here in Illinois, and while her opponent is a crude and disgusting bottom-feeder who deserves to be followed around with a can of bug spray forever should he decide to shed his skin and try to fly off, I’m not letting Duckworth’s loss make me any less happy today.

Because this morning, I said to the Upstairs Neighbor, “Hey, former Speaker Hastert’s on TV.” FORMER speaker.

And I want people to realize and remember exactly what they did yesterday.

You took over the House of Representatives, guys.

Took it OVER. Took it out of the hands of those vicious warmongering psycho-partisan xenophobic homophobic torturers of innocents and peddlers of fear and despair. You took it away from them. I don’t care what happens today (okay, I care a lot but you get it), that’s enough to justify a celebration.

Count the remaining votes. Sort out what’s left to be sorted out. And then let’s get down to the business we have to get down to, with a song in our hearts. Say it to somebody today: Former Speaker Hastert. Former Majority Leader Boehner. Lame Duck President Bush. Savor it, and fry the Republican spin. You did that. Holy shit, you guys. You did that.

Way to go.


4 thoughts on “What You Did

  1. A few years back, Bush declared a 50.00000001 % victory as a tremendous amount of political capital.
    What is he calling this election?

  2. disappointed georgie? try fear.
    of course NOW he will try bipartisanship. like he has all along. by appearances only.

  3. Went to bed last night not sure my guy had won; the polling was 50.5 to 49.5 as of midnight, but this morning the world is beautiful — it’s pouring rain and cold, but here in NY 19 land, we’ve gotten rid of Sue Kelly, who’s been our miserable incumbent for 12 years, and I no longer feel tired from working all day at the local campaign headquarters, getting out the vote all over the county, making thousands of phone calls to people who were pissed off from the robocalls they’d gotten over the weekend — all gone and the world is so beautiful.
    We’ve got the House, and I’ve got a Dem representing me for the first time since I moved to this district, 22 years ago. Wow.

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