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So there’s 400 squirrels, and they’re all given crack, and they all have a bad experience, and that’s whatthis is like:

Are we allowed to say it now? Can we drop the happy warrior schtick? In the past six years, we’ve seen the deficit explode like never before in the history of the country. A flaming bra-burner nominated to the Supreme Court, only to be replaced by a (hopefully) stealth conservative. The most inept State Department in the history of the United States. (Clinton’s wasn’t incompetent; they were flat-out fifth columnists.) 20 million new illegal aliens, and barely-contained glee that the election-day losses mean we can welcome another 50 million in. And I hate to say this, but when we won the war in Iraq, I was praying for my friend who was an MP, fearing for his safety in the dangerous house-to-house searches. And then they never came. So I put joyful trust that the military didn’t need to do such a dangerous task. Then came the insurgency. And bold optimism. And more violence. And more bold optimism. But, um, after 3,000 of America’s finest dead, it becomes plainly apparent that Rummy and Bush simply didn’t realize that disarming the terrorists was necessary. So can we say it now? That Bush is the most incompetent Republican ever?


6 thoughts on “Another Good Freepi Thread

  1. The blind acceptance of Republican media machine fear mongering over there is puzzling to me (well, there’s a lot of behavior over there that’s puzzling to me, but…) A typical comment over there runs along the lines of, “Oh, great! Now that the Democrats have won the house, there will be a terrorist attack!”.
    How, precisely, would that be the case? (Snark: Surely, Speaker Pelosi would not be so foolish as to remove the magic crystal from Bush’s Ward of Christianity that creates the mystical anti-Islam shield around America?)
    Also, the terrorists are widely rumored to be good friends with the Democrats, and vice-versa. Friends don’t dirty-nuke friends, right?

  2. Logic and the English language have adversarial relationships with these guys.

  3. Love the logic of these bozos. In comparison to the losses suffered by the British in WWI,
    3,000 in 3 years is nothing.
    Unless you happen to be one of the 3000…

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