Nice Work, Bigots

All you’ve done is deny peoplehealth insurance.

Its two largest cities, Dane County and six school and technical college districts offer health insurance and family leave benefits for domestic partners, according to Action Wisconsin, a gay rights group.

“One of the first things we’ll see is a challenge to domestic partner benefits offered by public employers in this state,” said Josh Freker, a spokesman for Fair Wisconsin, which opposed the amendment.

The University of Wisconsin System, which has sought domestic partner benefits to help it recruit and retain employees, may have also been dealt a setback in its effort to secure them from lawmakers, Freker said.

Madison City Attorney Michael May concluded in a legal analysis last year that “a number of benefits that flow to unmarried domestic partners” under city policies likely would be declared void if the amendment passed. The legal counsel for Dane County reached a similar conclusion.

And while we’re on the topic, honest to fucking God. Way to make my entire home state look like a bunch of stupid hicks. From a purely selfish straight-girl standpoint, way to make it that much harder for me to defend you to my Illinois friends who already think you’re a bunch of backwoods, cheese-eating, deer-shooting, pelt-wearing drunks too dumb to live somewhere sensible where it doesn’t snow two feet in October. Way to help me out there. Crackheads. If I didn’t love you so much, if you weren’t assuredly my people and home to everything I really love, I’d pull an Atrios and declare a boycott.

But there’s too much about you to admire for that:

We transformed this so-called wedge issue into an issue that united Wisconsinites of all backrounds. We have made equality and fairness for gay Wisconsinites something that is embraced by many organizations, leaders, and average citizens.

Thank you to the thousands of gay and lesbian people who did not ask for this fight, who did not want to become poster children. You chose to interrupt your lives so that one day our children will know a world without discrimination.

You bravely stepped up to put your lives on display.

Thank you to all of you who like me aren’t gay but made this issue your own. Thousands of you refused to stand by silently while your friends, families, and citizens we will never meet were attacked with this amendment.

Together, all of us stood shoulder to shoulder—grandmothers, farmers, ministers, school teachers, and many, many more of us from all walks of life.

And although we didn’t win we ran a historic effort that changed Wisconsin.

You know what, bigots? You don’t get to punish loving people just to be mean, just because it makes you feel better to kick somebody else in the face. You don’t get to feel better doing that. You don’t get that free pass. You know what you just did? You riled up a whole lot of people, and those people work, and when you look at what we did with Congress in just about six months, you think really hard about what we’re going to do to your entire “family values” smokescreen in the next two years. You think really hard about who you want to be on that morning when it all comes crashing down. Because we already know who we want to be.

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10 thoughts on “Nice Work, Bigots

  1. Yeah, we fucked that one up big time.
    I have to admit I was ashamed that that stupid f’ing referendum went through. What happened to our Great State’s tradition of progressivism? To live and let live? It sucks, I tell ya, but hey at least Green got shot down, and District 8 went to the Dems. And we’ll clean ’em up next time, eh? My pal has finally met a swell fella, and I plan on attending that wedding (if that’s what they want), IN Wisconsin, someday innit!
    Fuckin a.
    Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go site-in my rifles and then have beers. Deer season starts on the 18th, and the freezer is looking kinda empty, eh?
    -A backwoods, cheese-eating, deer-shooting, not-necessarily-pelt-wearing drunk too dumb to live somewhere sensible where it doesn’t snow two feet in October

  2. Done, A. $35 in scout prime’s honor has been donated by the BuggyQ family. I want her victory in ’08 untarnished by Wisconsin’s failure this year.

  3. oh shit, dead deer on vehicles season again. FUCKING swonderful driving at night on thanksgiving. DEAD BAMBI’S IN HEADLIGHTS.

  4. It’s like your channeling my thoughts, A. Only I’m in dumbass, redder-than-red Idaho. Always behind the times – you’d think it was 2004, the way they let their totally unnecessary bigoted hate amendment drive them to the polls to make sure that gays who ALREADY can’t marry in this state (law on the books) can’t do it constitutionally – and fuck me and my unmarried hetero partner in the process, because now any domestic partnership type thing we might want to do won’t be recognized, either. Asshats. All the while claiming how holy and “Christian” they are. Cuz Jeebus, he was all about the hate.
    Interesting how things work, though, cuz Boise is experiencing phenomenal growth, and we actually sent *gasp* democrats to the state legislature. And the city voted down an initiative to force the City Council to put a ten commandments monument in one of our lovely city parks. Which just makes all the good ole rednecks complain about that damned liberal Boise, and work that much harder to demonstrate to the nation that they aren’t tolerant like those damned people in Boise.
    I do envy you your access to Leinenkugals, though.

  5. Well, I guess it isn’t pretty to look at Pansypoo, but neither is the inside of a slaughterhouse. Difference is, most people don’t look in slaughterhouses, just at the nice marbled steaks and chops, wrapped all pretty at the grocer’s, heheh.
    All meat comes from death, yes?
    Come to think of it, so does all bread (killed wheat plants), steamed vegies (killed brocoli, snap-pea, asparagus plants, etc.) or even just a plain old salad (killed whatever is in there, pretty much, heh).
    Life feeds on life, eh? OK, sorry because I wasn’t meaning to pick on you, Pansypoo, and sorry about the mess and all, I know it does gross some people out. I will try to be conscious of that.

  6. Even when I went to school at UW-Madison, and voted there in my first Presidential election (1980), everybody knew that there was Madison (and, to a lesser extent, Dane County) and then there was the rest of the state, and Madison was liberal and Democratic and the rest of the state wasn’t.
    But I’m still saddened by this referendum. I feel great affection for Madison, one of my closest friends lives in Milwaukee, and I hate to think of Wisconsin people making such asses of themselves.

  7. They aren’t alone. It was actually worse here in CO–a domestic partnerships referendum voted down, *and* a gay marriage ban approved. Gak. If it weren’t for getting Bill Ritter and keeping the legislature, we non-bigots wouldn’t have much to be happy about here.

  8. Check out Stuart Carlson’s editorial cartoon in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Basically, he took the seal of Wisconsin, added the necessary anti-gay pro-death penalty references, and changed the state’s motto to “BACKWARD” — it is a classic and should be used to help raise money and awareness of the damage done by these two referendums. WI already is facing brain drain… well, great way to accelerate that problem! There will be many unintended and very negative consequences to this discriminatory amendment. Very, very sad day to be a cheesehead.

  9. Thank You BuggyQ. That is a wonderful gesture (my name part) and a great action to have taken. {{{MWAH and Hugs}}}

  10. I spent 8 years living in northern WI, in pretty much the least populated part of the whole state, and about as far from Madison as you can get in the state, both geographically and culturally. (And can’t wait to in a position to be able to move back.) What I found, talking to my friends and neighbors, was that even though a lot of them talked conservative, that mainly came from ignorance on specific issues. And they were almost uniformly willing to have their mind changed. Unfortunately, I don’t think this type of education could be done through the media: it required face-to-face discussion with someone they knew.

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