Aaaaand We’re Back

Sorry about the outage, guys. Apparently we hosed not only our own chinchilla but the hosting co’s chinch as well, and they were NOT pleased. I’ve turned off a bunch of stuff including logins, so sign your comments if you can’t get through, and we’ll do a major damage assessment over the weekend and turn stuff back on.

Chat was awesome, you all were wonderful, and we’ll bring it back for debates, special occasions, and the like. It really helped last night.

George Allen is no longer a senator. I’m sleeping the sleep of the just tonight. The just, the hungover, and the sugar-high-crashing.

If you feel yourself starting to come down from the adrenaline rush, just repeat to yourself: Senator John Tester. Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

This is why we didn’t give up. This is why we didn’t back down. This is why we kept fighting and kept arguing and kept donating and kept calling and kept writing. This is what it feels like when you look the inevitable in the face and you tell it to go fuck itself. This is why you hang in, for years and years, and never quit, and never stop.




Thank you for everything you did.


21 thoughts on “Aaaaand We’re Back

  1. Frist!
    When you say last night’s chat was wonderful, you’re mostly talking about me, right?

  2. Oh, and before I forget, last week, when Sharon got her new call sign, my wife and I went nuts, had to pause the TV.

  3. Actually, Macaca George et al. are (obviously) still in office, and need to be paid attention to during whatever lame duck session they have, in case they plan on having a lease-breaking party. You know, gluing down keyboards, taking their solid-gold ‘W’ keys, torching the Bill of Rights…stuff like that.

  4. Leinie…Welcome. Enjoyed having you and everyone else chatting the other day

  5. (((hug))) So glad you joined us, Leinie! Now I have to get over the urge to refresh wildly to get back the speed that was the chat.
    Let it go, Buggy. Let it go.

  6. i had trouble recieving the chat in a readable form.
    yeah, i gotta upgrade.

  7. It hit me last night why Rummy got thrown overboard so fast. They still have to do confirmation hearings, right? Chimpy wants his lame duck majority to do that. He doesn’t want any democratically controlled Senate telling him NO when he tries to to fill that oh so important spot. This might be Daddy and HoBaker’s first choice, but don’t forget about those Iran Contra ties. Can’t be losing to the Senate right away.
    And TJ, and Buggy, and the rest of you, thanks for making a newbie feel welcome during the chat, which did, in fact, RAWK!

  8. Thanks to all of you – especially the hosts – who participated in the chat yesterday, and for being here every day to keep us informed and to lift our spirits with laughter on the darkest of days.

  9. Yea!
    Many Thanks to you Athenea, scout, Tena, and Holden for all you’ve done during the past few years. The live chat was a blast!

  10. AP called it for Webb. Allen’s supposed to concede tomorrow.
    Man. I am just utterly fucking gobsmacked.

  11. Goddess, glad to see you back. Was worrying about the chincillas. I think the chat withdrawal has worn off.
    Thanks, also, to you, and Tena, and Scout, and Holden, for helping me to keep hope alive. Damn, today feels good, even here in “Idaho, still the reddest of the red” to quote our new Repug gov-elect. Damned state is always behind the times.
    Been away from the tubes – did Allen concede while I was gone? Cuz just say no to macaca ain’t an option, it’s an imperative.

  12. OK, House, Senate democratic. Rummy gone.
    Better order some more chinchillas!

  13. A, thank YOU for the countless times you’ve inspired this flagging spirit. Your mantras (Not. One. Inch. and Hit ‘Em with the Sofa) gave me hope over the past two years. You are wonderful!

  14. don’t want to scuff up the nice clean floor or nothin’, just dropping by some aspirin for the chinchilla
    like they say, it’s not a party till someone breaks something

  15. And best of all, during the wee hours the Democrat beat Landtroop!
    Last box of the last precinct, from the butthat’s own hometown, yet!
    ooooh. Leno: “George Allen will no longer be able to put the word Senator in front of his name. He’ll have to go back to his old title. ‘Imperial Wizard.'”

  16. A.–
    I also want to say thank you for all the pep talks.
    Now, where’s that sofa? Come here George.

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