Our Leadership Gets Down To Work

Lest we forget WHY we did all that work.


Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid today called on President Bush to convene a bipartisan summit to find a new direction in Iraq. After yesterday’s historic vote for change at home and abroad, the time has come for the President to listen to the American people and work with Congressional leaders of both parties for a new direction.

“Yesterday’s message was clear: Americans want change. It is time to put partisanship aside and find a new way forward — at home and in Iraq. Today, I ask the President to convene a bipartisan Iraq summit with the leaders of Congress and the Chairman and Ranking Members of key national security committees. After more than three years of a failed strategy, we must come together to change course and give the American people and our troops the real security they deserve.

“In the fourth year of the war, the American people have made clear that we need a new direction. ‘Staying the course’ is no longer acceptable. Americans want change, and Democrats will work with the President in a bipartisan manner to change course in Iraq.”

Allow me to translate from The Harry:

“George has fucked up utterly, so we’re going to come in and make him explain in technicolor detail exactly how he fucked up, what he fucked up with, what he intends to do to fix it, why he intends never to let it happen again, and then we’re going to release every detail of everything he says to the public so that the next time they have to vote for somebody to be their preznit they don’t vote for anybody this catastrophically stupid. But we’ll do all that while making it look like we’re the ones who are reaching out with olive branches instead of what’s really going on, which is that we have him and his ten-a-penny fascisti by the balls now and we’re gonna get all the answers we didn’t get for all those years before. Capisce?


8 thoughts on “Our Leadership Gets Down To Work

  1. “It is time to put partisanship aside and find a new way forward.”
    Harry and the dems floundering already: why is it the victims of partisanship and not the perpetrators are the ones calling for bipartisanship? Apparently dems learned nothing from 12 years in the wilderness. By dems calling for bipartisanship, it keeps bipartisanship as solely a democratic idea, leaving the scum republicans free to ridicule and abuse the idea again when they have the opportunity. Democrats should ram their victory down the republicans throats ’till they beg for bipartisanship. Remember, power is the ONLY thing republicans respect. They have nothing but scorn and disgust for democratis calls for bipartisanship.
    (Notice the republicans jumping up and down at Nancy and Harry’s offers? I didn’t think so, me neither.)

  2. Jeebus! What’s he *supposed* to say? “Nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah-nyah?”
    If Reid weren’t calling for bipartisanship, you could kiss the’08 election goodbye. It’s called diplomacy. You look charming, statesmanlike, and appealing. And when the Republicans throw it in your face, and you know they will, you sigh and say, “We tried. You see how they are? Spoiled little children. Vote for the adults.” And kick their asses even harder in ’08.

  3. Yeah, cuz the voters just expressed such contentment and desire for the status quo of partisan power being rammed somewhere to continue.
    Things are fucked up. They need to be fixed. Bush (excuse me, Bush’s handlers) have seen the writing on the wall. He has to call for cooperation, too. Appear to be a little humble. Don’t forget, that is a pissed off electorate, and he lost 1/3 of the evangelicals.
    Then, when he reverts to form, and stamps his feet and says no no no no no in increasing volume, Harry sighs, says we tried, and then gets out the damned chair, never ever letting the public forget that we tried to work with the brat, but he was having none of it.

  4. No, Bush was pushing the bi-partisanship racket hard at his press conference yesterday, too, so in this case all the blame’s on him if he now doesn’t cooperate.

  5. Christy over at FDL has a really good comment. Apologies to all for cross-posting, but I think it’s worth a read:
    “I think now is a good time to take a step back and a deep breath and give Pelosi a few days to get things set up the way they need to be done to lay the foundation for a number of things. They have a LOT of things to tackle…but will only be able to do it one step at a time. We need to give her and the rest of the Democratic leadership, including a whole lot of folks who are in line to be very effective committee chairs, a little space to actually govern, while holding them to the principles that we all hold to be important. We don’t set accountability aside because we won the election — but we also should not start eating our own right out of the gate.”

  6. i say, he is acting like the adult georgie claimed to be.
    and georgie can kiss iWan goodbye.

  7. Would it were true. I think nothing was lost in translation this time. They are going to squeeze him and squeeze him hard. It’s paybacktime, and the great thing is, it will help clear some of the muck that has descended on the American people from the Right-wing mudstorm.
    Knut Wicksell

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