Funny, I heard Limpbaugh play the unedited version of Bill Mayer’s“outing” of RNC Chair Ken Mehlman today [apparently Larry King’s gaydar is weaker than Rush’s dick], complete with Mr. Erectile Disfunction 2006’s tut-tutting over whether or not Maher has the background and moral standing to out anyone. Of course the real reason Limpy aired that bit was to let it be known to his audience that Mehlman is gay.

Did I mention thatMehlman is as good as gone?

Yes, itappears I did.

5 thoughts on “Mehlmaniferous

  1. Doogie Howser’s gay, too, but I don’t see him stepping down from his doctorship position.

  2. Rush does everything with Rove coordination. Its throw Ken under the bus time.

  3. I did not, I repeat not, ever say that my opponent is a child molester.
    –Richard Nixon

  4. My apolitical wife, watching Mehlman spinning the election on Good Morning America, asked “Who’s he?”
    I responded that he was in charge of the Republican campaign.
    She thought for a minute, and then said, “That guy is SO FIRED!!”

  5. Of course Mush wants his audience to know about Mehlman’s outing. It gives him an excuse. Limpball’s mocking of Michael Fox and other rants had nothing to do with losing any congressional seats, they lost because the campaign was run by a fag.

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