All That I Have You Can Borrow: Galactica Thread

I’ve missed them together.

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Starbuck tells him if he’s looking for an apology he can go to hell, and Bill Adama shoves Kara Thrace to the floor. “You were like a daughter to me once. No more. You’re malcontented, and a cancer. And I won’t have you on my ship. So you have a choice. You figure out how to become a human being again, and an officer, or you can find another place to live. Off of this ship. You’re dismissed.” She kicks the chair, stands, and leaves angrily. Even though it’s her mother’s language, her mother’s violence, it’s still the language she speaks herself, and the one she knows the best. He’s doing the best he can.

So glad we got to spend some more time with Adama and Roslin. I love Crazy Space Mom and Dad.

Small things: Starbuck got un-grounded at some point. Would like to see how that happened. Are we ever going to find out what happened with Kara and Lee or am I going to have to resort to fanfiction? Dualla got her old job back? I’d love that; she is, as Jacob’s always saying, the voice that brings them home, and it makes sense that she’d be back in that role. Did we ever see the Helo-Sharon wedding and I just forgot about it amidst all the awesome, or was it just assumed?

Here’s the big thing, with regard to the whole kill them all or don’t kill them all question, here’s what it’s really all about. What you’re willing to do in a struggle has nothing to do with your enemies, nothing to do with their motivations, their tactics, their intentions. What you’re willing to do is something decided by you and you alone, and the rest of it is all bullshit excuses designed to make you feel better about what kind of monster you’ve become. You make up your mind, what you’re going to do, and you carry that. No one else’s fault, no one else’s burden. You carry that in your head and heart no matter what your enemies are like. Say all you want about being forced; in the end, you pull the trigger. It’s never not a choice.

Laura’s always been more primal, always been more willing to give up her soul, and maybe it’s to do with almost dying about two dozen times and seeing the insides of too many prison cells. She’s always been harder, willing to steal the election, willing to go along with a lie, willing to send Kara spinning out across the stars back to a devastated world on the smallest shred of drug-induced hope. She’s always been hardcore; you get hat close to the abyss, maybe nothing else ever looks serious as that ever again. So she was ready: send them all where I almost went, but for the Cylon baby whose blood I stole. (Andnice piece of continuity with having carried Hera making Sharon immune.)

Adama got that close to the abyss, too, and he wanted nothing to do with sending anybody else there. The responsibility will lie with the person who gives me the order. I will not carry this. Testing Laura, a little, though he should know better; willing to take it to the edge but no farther, and then, in the end, forcing her to let it lie. There are things you can’t live with, and he’s always been good at pulling her back from the brink. I love howadult they are (there’s no other way to put it) with each other, how strong they both are and how each makes the other stronger instead of weaker. That’s a lot of power in one room, the two of them.

Helo, on the other hand, is about love. I’ve always thought he was as dumb as a bag of hammers but tonight changed my mind about him a little. Helo loves and believes to the limits of his experience (which is why he stuck his foot in it with Roslin; dude, don’t try to tell anybody else what their pain is like) and it’s a kid’s mistake, believing that if everybody just understood thatshe’s different with me, they’d stop being worried about you being a toasterfucker. He loves Sharon in no small part because she’s a Cylon; kill all the other Cylons and she’s just someone else who can die on him, like all his friends, like Hera, and never download, never come back to him. He did what he did out of that conviction.

The Cylons torturing. The Cylons being tortured. I kept flashing back to Gina on the Pegasus, what they did to her there, and realizing that because she didn’t download, that experience hadn’t translated to the rest of them; what torture does to its perpetrators and its victims. Those who do not heed history, being doomed to repeat it, all of this has happened before.

So now it’s a treasure-map-driven race to Earth. Awesomeness.


7 thoughts on “All That I Have You Can Borrow: Galactica Thread

  1. Helo saying that Cylons and humans tried to live together on New Caprica AKA Deathworld was teh st00pid. Roslin should’ve given him a good smack for that one.

  2. Incidently, the previous comment was me(BlakNo1)
    The chinchillas have been partying too hard this week, it seems. Can’t say I blame them.

  3. Last week and this week left me a little flat. Last week was all mush and a little too Hollywoood with the gratuitous shots of a naked-Sharon on the base ship and the winking-at-the-audience beefcake shot of Lee in the Gym.
    Sad to say that I think the genocide theme has been done better in, of all places, ST:TNG in the I.Borg episode. Also done a little better in Dr.Who when Tom Baker had the chance , he thought, to wipe out the Daleks.
    I very much agree with the synopsis-izer , we should have seen how Kara got her wings back before seeing her in flight.
    Were we supposed to take some sub-conscious messege from the fact that they took the only black cylon in a containment rigg that really evokes imagery of slavery?
    Still just about the best thing on TV but losing a little steam.

  4. What I liked — turning Helo into a person instead of a character in Sharon’s melodrama.
    Adama and Laura hashing things out again.
    What I didn’t like — Adama refusing to pursue the investigation into who killed the cylons. He’s a military man. Been one his whole life. You do not allow a subordinate to utterly and completely defy your orders like that and do nothing about it. You can’t. Command authority is everything, especially in as precarious a situation as they’re in. Helo got away with it, so now the next guy to disagree with an order will feel pretty damn comforable about just ignoring it. Adama would have had no choice but to investigate and punish Helo. And i think it would’ve made for a better story as well — now Helo’s in the brig and Sharon’s visiting him.
    Question for the future — did the doctor save any of the infected cylon blood? This story shouldn’t/wouldn’t be over by a long shot. Keep some blood, capture a cylon prisoner and try again…

  5. Puzzlement: Lee claims that killing all Cylons would not be genocide because, “they are machines, they’re programmed.” No one points out the obvious: Then who programmed Sharon to join and fight for the humans? The evidence suggests Cylons are free to choose. Adama understood and accepted this when he accepted Sharon as an officer. Lee’s arguement is too much “what I want to believe” over “what the evidence shows.” I would have enjoyed this idea being explored in more depth. Perhaps it still will be.

  6. Completely agree with Flory. Helo’s “solution” to the genocide question was an easy out, and doesn’t hold water with me. I’m left with the feeling that if Adama hadn’t actually agreed with him that genocide was wrong, he’d have Helo AND Sharon brought up on charges of conspiring with the enemy and executed. It’s a perfectly legitimate way of looking at what they did; it’s treasonous. And Adama did nothing? Doesn’t ring true to his character. But i’ll let it slide.
    Disagree with Anonymous that the series is getting flat. I see it the other way around; it’s getting better. I thought it was the beginning of this season that was a little too Hollywood, too heavy handed, forced, spoon-fed melodrama. Now that’s all over and we can get back to the juicy intrigue and real plot movement. The Cylons are looking for Earth too? Gaius is helping them under constant fear of execution? A Cylon virus? And then there’s these other six models we haven’t seen yet? And they don’t seem to get along too well with the current models. Oh, and they have baby Hera too.
    Please tell me i’m not the only one who thinks the Gaius storyline is the best of the season thus far. He’s truly a dead man walking, and even more unpredictable because of it. The Cylons kill him when he ceases to be of any use. If he escapes back to the fleet he’s dead for sure. It’s so delicious watching this man implode under the monumental weight of everything he’s created/destroyed… take yer pick. Number 6 in his head now playing the role of guardian angel, helping him to understand and learn about the Cylons, evade their manipulations, survive torture. You love to hate him, yet i always find myself rooting for him. He’s the most complex, conflicted, enigmatic character on this show. If they kill him off, they kill off a huge part of what makes BSG so compelling. Yet certain death, it seems, is all he has to look forward to. That’s great drama. I know, he needs a shampoo big time.

  7. I think one thing that defines Helo was his time on Caprica. He was left there alone. He knows how if feels to be the last one of his race. The only person who still wanted him was Sharon (even if it was an experiment at first) and she turned on her race. She did it to prove that she was worthy and deserved real love. I think, in this episode, Helo had to repay that kindness.

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