Russ won’t run

From theCapital Times

Feingold, 53, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, as reported on its Web page, that he realized he would be a long-shot candidate in a run for the presidency.

He said running as an underdog appealed to him, but not the way it would “dismantle” his work in the Senate and his personal life.

As an outspoken opponent of the Iraq war, the Patriot Act and other Bush administration policies, Feingold had formed the political action committee and gone to key presidential primary states such as Iowa and New Hampshire.

Still, he said he started the process more predisposed against a run that for it.

“I began with the feeling I didn’t really want to do this but was open to the possibility that getting around the country would make me want to do it. That never happened,” he said.

He said he had come closer to making his decision in the past few weeks, and the final factor came when Democrats won both houses of Congress because it provided added appeal to focus on work in the Senate.

I’m a bit saddened by this because I think if it had been possible Russ had the qualities I’d like to see in a Prez…principled and smart. But I respect Russ even more today for chosing to sit this one out and stay in the Senate where he will be able to do more now. And he is only 53 so who knows…did I mention he was smart?

UPDATE: More directly from Russ atDKos

4 thoughts on “Russ won’t run

  1. Sigh…proof positive that the folks who would be the best presidents have the good sense not to try. I don’t think the country is ready to listen to him anyways–had he run, it would have been Russ v. the however-many-are-running dwarves all intent on demonizing him as some frothing-at-the-mouth radical (cf. Dean, Dr. Howard).
    He should be even more effective than ever in the Senate. I only hope he makes life as miserable for Harry Reid advocating for progressive legislation as Joe Sleazerman will advocating his “bipartisan” (read: Republican) agenda.

  2. I remember thinking in 2000 that if I could wave my magic wand and just make somebody president, it would have been Bill Bradley. This year (that is, for 2008), it would be Russ.
    Looking at how Bradley was thrashed and trashed and made to just completely disappear (he was a lousy candidate, but he would have been a great president), maybe Russ is right.
    But I’m still saddened by the decision.
    – robertearle

  3. Feingold would have been cool.
    But remarkably, I’m not the least bit interested in who runs for president in 2008. The last six years have burned it all out of me. I expect I’ll vote for whoever the Democrats nominate, but that’s as far as it goes, and I certainly don’t expect anyone to “save” me or the country. A lot of us will be dead by then anyway, you know. It happens all the time.
    May God grant me the strength to be fully aware, in the present moment, like the magpies outside my window as I type…

  4. Scout, y’all are lucky to have a good man like Feingold for your senator. I’d like to have seen him run for president, but he can do important work just where he is. It makes me a little sad, too, the he won’t be in the mix, but today, what one has to do to become the nominee and then get elected, almost guarantees that we won’t get the best person for the job.

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