Feith Rides Again

Thanks to Scout for e-mailing this over; my blood pressure was almost back to normal and I simply didn’t know what to DO with all the joy I’d been feeling.Douglas Feith, architect of the Iraq post-war planning (yes, that’s what the kids are calling it these days) sounds off in theWashington Post about what a great guy Donald Rumsfeld really is, and how he’s different with Doug, and how nobody understands how great it is once Rumsfeld stops beating you and starts making love to you again:

I know that Don Rumsfeld is not an ideologue. He did not refuse to have his views challenged. He did not ignore the advice of his military advisers. And he did not push single-mindedly for war in Iraq. He was motivated to serve the national interest by transforming the military, though it irritated people throughout the Pentagon. Rumsfeld’s drive to modernize created a revealing contrast between his Pentagon and the State Department, where Colin Powell was highly popular among the staff. After four years of Powell’s tenure at State, the organization chart there would hardly tip anyone off that 9/11 had occurred — or even that the Cold War was over.

Rumsfeld is a bundle of paradoxes, like a fascinating character in a work of epic literature. And as my high school teachers drummed into my head, the best literature reveals that humans are complex. They are not the all-good or all-bad, all-brilliant or all-dumb figures that inhabit trashy novels and news stories. Fine literature teaches us the difference between appearance and reality.

And I mean, oh my GOD. Donald Rumsfeld is sitting over in his house right now reading this and saying, “Getoff my side.

Then there’s the whole “fine literature” analogy, which has been my problem with Feith from the beginning. The dude simply does not get that life is not what you read in Freshman Comp. People don’t act like that. Half of all novels ever written are idealized versions of some stuff that the author went through and wished had gone the way he wanted it to; expecting the world to be a Dickens novel with you as the plucky hero is like going into academia because you thought Dead Poets Society was a really good movie. It’s sweet, but your awakening will be rude and swift, and being pissed off because it’s not all “O captain my captain” is just wooden-head stupid.

In the next presidential administration, could we please get some people who’ve … I don’t know how to put this without offending everybody on earth, but some people who’ve worked someplace other than one foreign-policy institute after another? Think-tank jobs are great (anybody wants to give me one, call me) but this is what happens to you when you go straight from college to a place that doesn’t require you to do anything but spin tales about the beautiful world inside your head.


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  1. Amen. I’ve refered to Bush as an “in-box” president. As long as there is a way for him to move it out of his in-box, it was handled. He learned how business worked from those guys at the Harvard School of Business and he’s been busy applying those principles ever since. Teh CEO preznit. mrstrailerco

  2. I have a real bias when hiring new lawyers for people who’ve had what I call “real jobs.” I don’t care what it is. Waiting tables, data entry, retail, car repair, teaching, nursing, anything, as long it’s a real job that pays average wages. They’re MUCH better lawyers than smart kids who’ve gone from high school, to college, to law school with some nice prestigious internships in between.

  3. He was motivated to serve the national interest by transforming the military, though it irritated people throughout the Pentagon.
    Of course his idea of transformation was to privatize everything except the dying and get as much money into his cronies pockets as possible.

  4. Hi Athenae,
    Unfortunately the whole administration is representative of so much of fine literature – roughly on the theme where the tragic hero raises his fist to the gods and ends up in utter destruction; the power hungry who sells their soul and the souls of their country.
    Just because they’re good literature doesn’t mean that I want to see them in power. But thinking of Faust, I wonder if Bush thought Daniel Webster was gonna appear and get him off the hook with the Devil?

  5. OOh that hurts. The final nail in the coffin for Rumsfeld is having Doug “Stupidest Man Alive” Feith write the column in his defense.
    Some folks at WaPo be laughing their asses off you betcha

  6. I thought Dead Poets Society was a really great movie. But only because I think Josh Charles is just about the cutest thing ever.

  7. HI:
    Actually the whole spate of idiot savants residing in and near the Pentagon can be thought of as a Mark Twainism: Namely suffering from being a quasi -inbred can be very lucrative. never do you have to work and worry about being ” downsized” ( what an age of liars we all struggle to sift and survive ) . And like Lazarus Long idiom , the truly inbred feel it is the duty of us all to simply accept their endless delusions of virtue and cunning . If you haven’t suspected the human race of bieng a planetary melanoma, you haven’t really read about all these frustrated princes and barons ( lets NOT forget the recently removed baroness of Hewlet Packard ). Yep, into this genetic cesspool , I fathered kids !! May they truly fogive me ! The viceroy from Texas can ride his limo to a richly deserved place in history as proof the country suffered from national Downes syndrome without a sense of smell to call it’s own .
    Steve S
    ( US Army – 60 s )

  8. Are you kidding me?? Doug “The Dude” Feith is he actually a rational individual that people, actually anyone, really believes?? I’ve just read that he is the stupidest person with a blog, perhaps with anything. But who knows and who cares. This guy, regardless of his intellect is a stark raving MORON !!! Are there any pics of Doug actually kissing Rummy??
    Are you kidding me?? I mean are YOU KIDDING ME??

  9. I liked the movie too. Great Movie.
    But I can’t resist here:
    As I remember, the plot line was a mentally unstable poetry teacher leads a group of kids to organize a secret sociey (Skull and Bones???). this leads an “up and coming” outstanding student over the deep end and he commits suicide
    Ever notice how everyone that Robbin Williams portrays, tends to get fired in real life?

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