Terror’s HQ

It’stoo late for Jimmy Baker to fix Iraq.

Saudi Arabia’s interior minister on Sunday called Iraq a major base for terrorism, a sign of growing alarm over the neighboring country where U.S. forces are struggling to prevent Sunni-Shiite violence from escalating into full-scale civil war.

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif said the situation in Iraq is deteriorating daily and the country has become a threat to the whole region.

“There is no doubt that Iraq now forms a main base for terrorism,” he told the pan-Arab Al-Arabiya television station in the capital Riyadh.

“The situation in Iraq is changing day after day, and this situation has numerous threats,” he said before his departure to the United Arab Emirates to attend a meeting on security issues in the Gulf states.

The minister also said Saudi youth were being lured to fight in Iraq. U.S. and Iraqi officials have long complained about Saudi extremists crossing into Iraq to join the battle against American and coalition forces. U.S. officials announced last April that Saudis were one of the top five nationalities among foreign fighters captured by coalition forces in Iraq.

5 thoughts on “Terror’s HQ

  1. there are two and only two options for Iraq regardless of what Baker wants to spin:
    1) US leaves so Iraq may devolve to whatever it will. The US presence is only delaying this ievitability unless,
    2) there is a world commitment to forcing Iraq to remain whole and establishing a viable unity government, in which case a massive infusion of international armies are needed to force an end to violence.
    In either case, violence in Iraq will escalate long before it ends. Both options are terribly bloody. Option 2 is the least viable, if for nothing else, the rest of the world is not likely to be inclined to cooperate to provide the blood necessary to force stability in Iraq AND because the world community is unlikely to be able to agree on the details of what to do. So more than likely its (1) by default. .

  2. This is what really pisses me off. Only an idiot couldn’t have seen this coming. Saddam was keeping the lid on a pressure cooker; take him away and … ka-BOOM!

  3. “Saudi Interior Minister Prince Naif said the situation in Iraq is deteriorating daily and the country has become a threat to the whole region. ”
    I wonder if the Saudis think they got their money’s worth from all the dough that they gave to the Bush family and its empire?

  4. All the neocons and 101st Keyboarders lament that the Iraqis are ungrateful for their liberation and wonder why the Iraqis don’t embrace western-style democracy just like the western nations do.
    Maybe, just maybe, although the Saddam regime might be too distasteful for our dainty western freedom-loving sensibilities, the Iraqis who lived under his regime were satisfied with the STABILITY and relatively (for that region) MODERN lifestyle that they had (as long as Saddam wasn’t invading other countries) prior to the U.S.’s “altruistic” liberation of their country.
    Heck, even though I wish that I was wealthy enough to benefit from the Bush tax cuts that would make my life better, I wouldn’t want another country to come in and depose Bush just because I’m not a member of the wealthy class (because I’m still pretty satisfied with my life as is in the USA) or because the invader wanted the Fort Knox reserves (or for a more direct analogy, the AWNR or offshore oil reserves). In fact, I, a pacifist, would even take arms and fight such invaders that fucked with us for any of those reasons.
    Now, deposing Bush by our own hands is another matter.

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