Holden’s Ponies

From Scout:

Bush dropped from 40% to 39% in the Time poll over the weekend. That’s good enough for me to release my music video homage to Holden’s Ponies.

This was inspired by Roadmaster aka Dave Leucinger of WORT radio. Dave conducted an interview on New Orlean with myself and lb0313 a few weeks ago. In what was a stroke of genius Dave dedicated a song to Holden and I am Soooo stealing it here. (Will that get me a WaPo gig?)

Dave’s show is livestreaming on WORT on Saturdays at 9:00pm Central. He selects great music and is a superb interviewer.

Here is “Ride Your Pony” with music performed by Betty Harris:

One thought on “Holden’s Ponies

  1. I cannot tell you how hard you rock, scoutprime!
    I am not worthy, that’s for sure.

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