Bush Sets Two Records In Latest Pew Poll

There’s a newPew Poll out today.

Bush Job Approval Rating: 32% (down 9 points, All-Time Low)

Bush Job Disapproval Rating: 58% (up 5 points, All-Time High)

Here are some interesting excerpts.

Six-in-ten Americans say they are happy that the Democratic Party won control of Congress; in December 1994, roughly the same percentage (57%) expressed a positive opinion of the GOP’s takeover.

Half of Americans approve of the Democrats’ plans and policies for the future, which also is comparable to approval of the GOP’s proposed agenda in 1994. However, there is one important area where the parallels to 1994 do not hold: By 51%-29%, more Americans want Democratic leaders ­ rather than President Bush ­ to take the lead in solving the nation’s problems. Twelve years ago, the public was divided over whether GOP congressional leaders (43%), or President Clinton (39%), should take the lead in addressing national problems.

The latest national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press ­ conducted Nov. 9-12 among 1,479 Americans ­ finds that Americans are optimistic that Democrats will actually get their proposals enacted. Roughly six-in-ten (59%) say Democratic leaders will be successful in getting their programs passed into law; again, this is on par with the confidence that Americans voiced about GOP legislative prospects in December 1994.


Bush’s own job approval ratings have hit a new low in the aftermath of the elections. Just 32% of Americans approve of Bush’s job performance compared with 58% who disapprove. Bush’s job rating stands at just 24% among political independents, who proved crucial to the Democrats’ victory on Nov. 7. By 57%-39%, independent voters cast ballots for Democratic candidates, according to national exit polls. Two years ago, independent voters were more divided.


The number of Americans who believe the war in Iraq is going poorly is now at a record high ­ 64% say U.S. military efforts are not going too well or not well at all. Only about one-in-three (32%) say these efforts are going very or fairly well. As recently as September, the public was almost evenly split between those who felt the war was going well and those who saw it going poorly.


The number of Americans who believe the decision to use military force against Iraq was a mistake has risen to the highest level since the war began. Roughly half of the public (51%) now believes the U.S. made the wrong decision in using military force against Iraq, while 41% say it was the right decision.


Pessimism about the Iraq war’s impact on the war on terrorism is also at an all-time high. Just under half of the public (48%) now believes the Iraq war has hurt efforts to combat terrorism, while 37% think it has helped the war on terrorism.

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