16 thoughts on “Let the Quibbling Begin

  1. Fucking OASIS? Ack. Kill it with fire.
    That being said, it’s a lot less Beatles-heavy than most lists of this type.

  2. Black Sabbath?
    Were the judges 12 years old? Why not KISS and the Partridge Family too?

  3. …a comment over at Atrios (you ol’ McCain thread hijacker, you) is instructive: how can releases be considered to be “influential” when they are compilations? Comp’s of old singles by Sam Cooke, Hank Williams the younger, Muddy Waters, and Elvis coming out in the last half dozen years would seem unlikely to be influential in the same way that The White Album or Pet Sounds (and I still can’t believe THAT one’s not listed) were at their release. These new comp. releases are retrospective hat-tipping, not influential albums…

  4. “Pet Sounds” IS listed. Between “Blonde on Blonde” and “Revolver”.

  5. Well, the need to include so many compilations in the 2000s period reflects the dreadful state of mass production music in the 21st Century (although you can still hear a lot of great music today–on public radio and college stations).
    And if you’re going to include compilations, why not the “Nuggets” anthology of psychedelicized garage punk rock that was released in the 70’s? At least, that one told the story of a whole genre of music, and not just of a single band.

  6. Yup chances are if you hear a good song these days it was written by someone else (with talent) years ago.
    That’s the music industry’s big strategy. Milk the old catalogue by getting puffy singing heads to promo it and chances are the original artist got screwed out of their royalties long ago…
    So sad…typical shallow corporate culture…typical America.

  7. Stupid to include compilations in my opinion.
    And while I agree with Blonde on Blonde, where’s Highway 61 Revisited?

  8. Other than the anthologies in the more recent catagory, the rest of the 2000’s are aural poo.
    Don’t get me started on the 90’s. Most of that is crap on a rack.
    Gone are the days of lounging in my basement with headphones (big ass phones that make one look like Mickey Freaking Mouse!) black light posters and burlap bags from hemp shipments hanging on the wall, the scent of patcholy and sandalwood incense heavy in the air, playing air guitar to the Wailers or Led. My friends would come over to sit and listen to the latest groove from Zappa or Lou and partake in…
    -Warning: the rest of this narrative has been detained by the DEA and the Coalition for a Drug Free America. Please step away from the hashpipe, cut your hair, go to church, vote for the GOP, and for God’s sake, stop having sex. We now return you to your regularly scheduled comment. That will be all.

  9. And not that I’m an expert — but how could there be fewer than a half dozen country albums on that list? If they’re not crossover, they don’t count? Pretty much ignoring a big chunk of the population…

  10. This list is broken in many ways; authors fail the interwebs…
    Hey, if your gonna post like Fark, I’m gonna comment like Fark.
    /same post IS on Fark

  11. What the hell kind of crap list is that? It’s like getting a list of the 100 sexiest people from Consumer Reports. Time is even stupider than Newsweek.

  12. Yeah. This list is crap.
    A few 2000s good albums would include chart-toppers from The Killers, The White Stripes, U2 again, Jill Scott, DMX, Outkast again
    Taking chances and breaking the status quo aren’t very in right now
    The 2000s will forever be known as the Cover Your Own Ass Decade

  13. Actually, it’s one of the best (most accurate, IMHO) lists of the kind I’ve yet seen. Just to pick my favorite pet peeve, this list includes, but almost every other list (e.g., Rolling Stone) excludes, Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense, IMHO the best album EVER (every single song is not just good but great). Yes, it’s a “compilation” album. Was it influential despite that? You bet it was. Extremely so. And STILL great listening, as are so many of the albums on this list.
    Is it the music industry’s strategy that makes me continue to listen to my Jimi Hendrix albums (just to name another one on the list)? No, it’s the fact that an album like that is SO much better than 99% of what’s been recorded since.
    Every year at the Grammys, I think to myself that I can name dozens of songs from any year in the 60’s or 70’s that are better than every single song nominated. That IS, to be sure, part of the product of today’s music industry. But not exclusively.
    Eli Stephens Left I on the News http://lefti.blogspot.com

  14. Ropin’ The Wind??
    That’s not even … in the top 5 Garth albums …
    who are these people, a bunch of pointy-headed Dilbert bosses????
    Pick “Standing Outside the Fire” or “That Summer” or “Wild Horses” or “Ireland” or “We Shall Be Free” or “Much Too Young To Feel This Damn Old”
    NO, Dammit, I’m not going to shut up & be grateful they picked some guy in a hat at all.
    WTF — where’s Marty Robbins? Where’s George Strait? Where’s Johnny Cash?

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