Better and Better

The next time someone tells you that we shouldn’t pull out of Iraq because conditions there will only get worse if we leave, ask them how it could possibly be any worse than it already is.

In the past eight days, 714 Iraqis have fallen victim to the country’s sectarian bloodbath. They’ve been beheaded, tortured and blown up while looking for work. They’ve been shot, kidnapped and felled by mortars.

The number of killings in the past eight days is more than all but a few U.S. states see in a year. Iraq’s death toll has reached at least 1,319 already in November, well above the 1,216 who died in all of October, which was the deadliest month in Iraq since The Associated Press began tracking the figure in April 2005.

At least 111 people were killed nationwide on Sunday, following a week of appallingly high daily death tolls: 134, 90, 119, 106, 49, 52 and 53.

The actual totals are likely considerably higher because many deaths are not reported. Victims in those cases are quickly buried according to Muslim custom and never reach morgues or hospitals to be counted.

7 thoughts on “Better and Better

  1. Ho could it get worse? I don’t know. The Bush Imperial Empire building strategy is a gigantic __________________ (I don’t have the words to express what I want to express).
    At the same time, The one argument that gives me any pause at all against pulling out is Colin Powell’s China Shop strategy. Otherwise we look like we walked into the shop, broke the dishes, and ran away to avoid getting our just desserts / deserts (both apply here). So as part of pulling out, we really need to get some folks who understand the region and figure out the “right” way to pul out.
    Lets face it – post WW II we (I’m including some other allied nations allong with us here) were drunk on our victory and decided to partition the middle east along the lines of a western government with the expectations that they would just jump up and turn flips for us. Se put in the Shah, We assasinated the Shah. We put in Saddam and gave him the weapons to gas the kurds. We now blame him for gassing the kurds. Saddam threatens the employers of the Bush cynasty (Saudis). Bush has a war and stops short – by his own admission to avoid the quagmire that would result from proceeding further.
    Bush recently admits it is to protect oil. A few years back Saddam crawls out of a foxhole apparently still under the delusion that its about WMDs.
    And we wonder why they’re not throwing roses.
    BTW – This is probably old news to most on this list. Just saw the DVD “Control Room” which is somewhat a documentary about Al Jazeera’s press coverage of the war. Quite interesting.

  2. Everyone who helped the “coalition” forces will be murdered when we leave. Right now they have a little protection provided by our soldiers, but that’s all that’s keeping them from being massacred for the time being.

  3. i think we should dump the bushevics and the PNACers in bagdad, like throwing a virgin into the volcano.
    by the way, i just hit arabia in my 1891 encyclopedia btitannica. reading the history, such as they knew back then. just got to mohammed, BUT, it seems that while, they had no influence outside of arabia, neither were any great invasions by the romans successful. any attacks were usually easily repulsed.
    no, there isn’t a word to express what a clusterfuckidy georgie’s choice was.

  4. Hi Pansy,
    My favorite quote on the line you’re talking:
    Where did the word “Assassin” originate?
    That region of the world has at least a 3,000 year history of beint “hot” and repelling attempts at domination.

  5. Just imagine going to your gym everyday and having a sniper come in and kill everyone while you were there…(90 people)
    Now imagine that happening EVERYDAY for 6 months straight…
    absolutely immoral …find a solution NOW!!!!!

  6. the point isn’t just that things can’t get worse. our own sons and daughters are dying also. and for what? a pack of lies. as ever.

  7. Just watching on Countdown, news item 5 (that is, the first story):
    Prez goes to Indonesia in the middle of massive protests comparing him to some sort of vampire. / terrorist / war criminal / American Psycho.
    KISSINGER (aka Vietnam Henry) says that there is no hope for a clear Military victory (although Olbermann notes that this may mean that Henry wants more soldiers in the line of fire)
    Blair agrees (on Al Jazeera) that the war has become an unmistakeable disaster. His aides backpaddle that he said this out of being overcourteous.
    Bush says he hasn’t made a decision about troop increases or decreases (and that he said just a few days ago repeated the motto that the only way we can fail is if we quit – calling this the lesson we learned from Viet Nam. Of course, Bush and his neocon buddies were never in Viet Nam.
    Could it be worse? besides a failed war, the head Chimp can’t see what a debacle it is.

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