9 thoughts on “Photo Fun

  1. So, following logic, that makes HW Bush Dr. Evil and mama Bar is the man in the yellow hat. I’m good with that. Thanks.

  2. I don’t remember the Man in the Yellow Hat having to bail Curious George out of any world wars, though. Just things like the regrettable Spaghetti Kitchen Incident.
    Fiction has really gone down hill since I was a pup. Fact, too.
    Best, Dog, etc. (searching for home)

  3. How does a 60+ year old man end up looking like he is 10 on xmas morning? There was the Harley, then the border patrol dune buggy, now this…
    Haven’t seen him get up on a Segway in a while hahaha…
    What an obvious disgrace for America…you will never live this one down.
    P.S. Don’t his handlers see? They should never let him get in a situation where his true character can come out.

  4. Love the progression.
    BTW – what is it about Bush and motorcycles. Isn’t he the klutz who fell off a Segway?

  5. Turn that motherfucker loose on that motorcycle. He’ll kill himself inside of 5 minutes flat.

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