Boom Times in the Green Zone

This cannot be good.

U.S. troops blew up two cars Tuesday inside the heavily fortified Green Zone after dogs indicated explosives were inside the vehicles that were used in the motorcade of the parliament speaker, an adviser to parliament said.

In what could signal a major security breach, the explosives were found and detonated near the Convention Center, where parliament meets and government officials hold news conferences, Wissam al-Zubeidi said.

The armored cars were used as part of the convoy for Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, al-Zubeidi said. One of the vehicles was regularly used by al-Mashhadani’s son. The speaker is a Sunni Muslim.

3 thoughts on “Boom Times in the Green Zone

  1. Nope, no civil war here. Nope, nothing to see. Move along, move along. Look! OJ! Britney!

  2. Actually itcould be good. Nothing might hasten the departure of American forces from Iraq like a direct threat to the American civilian (and military?) leadership ensconced in the Green Zone.
    Eli Stephens Left I on the News

  3. So you’re telling me that the Iraqi government is not even set up to adequately protect the security of cars used in the president’s motorcade?
    Corallary 1: The Iraqis don’t even have a garage to put their official cars in?
    Corallary 2: Out of my way. I’m about to puke so big that Linda Blair will be envious.

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