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  1. Zinc lozenges – my wife swears by Cold-eeze. Helps reduce the symptoms and is said to reduce duration. And a little bourbon – might kill off a few germs, and you’ll feel better.
    Good luck.

  2. A.
    Anecdotel, of course, but I ‘think’ it does work. I’ve used it 3-4 times over the past year or two; the severity of my cold symptoms seemed to lessen. Could have been a placebo effect. though. As for a sore throat, Chloroseptic spray works best for me.
    Good luck!

  3. Yeah, that Airborne stuff actually does work. I was coming down with a nasty cold that was going around my department a couple weeks ago. A few doses of Airborne, a quart or two of orange juice, and a good nights’ sleep later I was back to normal.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. A.,
    Try “Theraflu.” It’s an over-the-counter thing that my mother recommended to me years ago. And wouldn’t you just know it, she was right. Again.
    Good luck. We need your voice.
    Joe Clark,

  5. sore throat? gargle with salt water.
    and those Hall’s throat lozenges with the gel inside work great for me.

  6. Cold Eeze lozenges.
    Religiously every 3 hours, about 6 a day.
    Also, take something like Claritin to dry you out, stop the drainage, especially while you sleep.
    Next time, at the first sign of a cold, take some C and Cold Eeze.

  7. Oh, and don’t have any citrus (orange juice, etc) within 1/2 hour of using the Cold Eeze. My guess is that rule is due to an exchange reaction with the gluconate ion.

  8. I took Airbourne on the way to Italy, while I was there, and on the way home.
    Remember how that ended? I was sicker than I’ve been for a long time.

  9. A:
    18 months of weekly air travel to and from Texas and I got exactly one cold.
    Airborne does work. It’s better as a prophylactic, but it helps shorten the duration even once you’re sick. Take it every 3-4 hours — ignore the directions.
    Tena has a weird metabolism…

  10. Don’t know that it actually TREATS the sore throat, but a friend turned me onto hot Gin Tangs. Exactly what they sound like. Make Tang, only with hot water, and mix it with gin. Right before bed. Soothes the throat and makes you sleep.
    Actually, I’m a big fan of the traditional medicinals Throat Coat herbal tea. That stuff does seem to work. Also the cold ease mentioned above.
    The one time I tried Airbourne last winter, it appeared to head off the cold. My 18 year old swears by it.

  11. Here’s my take on stuff to take:
    1) Water. Lots of water.
    2) I take 1500 mg of vit C a day when I’m working on a cold. I know people who take up to 3000 mg. (Vit C is water soluble, so it’s extremely difficult to OD on it.)
    3) If you have any kind of infection in your sinuses (thick, bright green snot), lay off the antihitamines until it thins out.
    4) I’ve used several good sore throat teas. The best is from a small herb shop here in the Dallas area: slippery elm bark, licorice root, and wild cherry are the main ingredients. I’d try any blend that includes 2 of those 3. The Throat Coat from Tealand is second best (someone mentioned this one already).
    5) For sinus and respitory involvement, I like Kiss My Face brand Cold and Flu bath. It’s a great bubble bath when you feel like crap.
    6) REST! We always forget this one in the US, for some reason…

  12. Bleh. That was me, not logged in for some reason.
    And, d’oh! Tealand is the store, not the brand. Traditional Medicinals…everyone else had it right at least.

  13. 1. Honey loquat cough syrup from Chinese pharmacy or grocery is amazing.
    2. Thayers slippery elm lozenges are a must have.
    3. One MD’s old timey research showed colds spread via the ears, and that hydrogen peroxide in the ears is effective in the early stages.
    4. Bi Yan Pian nose inflammation pills are like a miracle cure for sinus infection.
    5. Freshly extracted pineapple juice has bromelain that goes after dead cells.
    6. What Hippocrates meant by feed a cold, starve a fever is that if you feed a cold, you’ll end up starving a fever. Boost your immune system by giving your digestive system a break.
    7. Echinacia for immune system potency.
    8. Japanese catnip, honeysuckle, forsythia, coltsfoot all good herbs for colds.
    9. blend a whole lemon with a glass of water, no sugar, sip.
    10. blend fresh cranberries with a little water to make a paste. stir a little paste into glass of water periodically.
    11. Neti nasal douche very effective for sinus trouble.

  14. I’m going to sound like a grandma, but I am not. (male, but of grandpa age, If I really have to admit it (I don’t want to, BTW)
    1. Wash your hands all the time.
    2. Use the alcohol based hand sanitizer.
    3. If you have to use a door knob or anything else like one, don’t touch your mouth or nose until you can do either of the above things.
    4. Lather.
    5. Rinse.
    6. Repeat.
    I haven’t had a bad cold or flu for years, and I am around people all the time.

  15. For the throat, dissolve a soluble aspirin in half a shot-glass of warm water, gargle well and spit. Repeat as needed. Works a treat and doesn’t fill your body/stomach with unnecessary drugs and chemistry.

  16. Number 1: Get as much sleep as possible, then get some more.
    Number 2: 1 part lemon, 1 part honey, 1 part vodka or similar. Heat it up a bit and drink. Yum.
    I think Cold Care PM or similar teas are good too.

  17. get some stank weed, put it in your bong (or borrow one)… and pull long and slow…

  18. I start taking Vitamin C and Zinc tablets as soon as I feel a cold coming on and I’m usually over it with few symptoms with in 2-3 days. As far as amounts I’m not real sure as I don’t have the bottles with me but I usually take a bunch of C since as someone already said it’s water soluble and hard to OD on. The zinc I try to stay right around the RDA but either use small dose tablets or break big dose ones in two. So with both the C and zinc I take both over the course of a day not all at once. In probably the last 3-4 years since doing this I haven’t had what I’d call a cold.

  19. Hubby is a pilot for a major air line and you know what that means.
    He religiously washes his hands, doesn’t touch his eyes, nose, ears or face if he can’t. He uses those alcohol sanitizers (we should own stock I tell ya!) and makes sure his co-pilots do as well.
    If he (or anyone else around here ) is coming down with something we trot out the echinacea , elderberry tincture (Sambucol is the brand name but you can make you own with vodka and berries), aspirin, Vitamin C (I can’t take this as my body chemistry is so acidic I get heart burn like you would NOT believe), pure water, Airborne (one every 3 hours), and lots of bed rest.
    Before we developed this routine, he would be out for a minimum of 5 full days. Now he is up and about in 3 and able to stand the elevation changes within 5. He hasn’t had to sick out due to a head cold for years.
    I am luckier as with my body chemistry viruses just do not get a good foot hold in me. Before I had my daughter I would get sick, but along with a severe allergy to milk chocolate (DAMNED KID), having her caused my whole body chemistry to slide into acidic territory. My teeth hate it, gotta mouth full of gold, but the rest of me does just fine come cold/flu season.
    Grandpa’s recipe was a bottle of bourbon and bed rest. He was an old farm guy and was up the next day working in the fields.
    Gindy (hope you feel much better soon!)

  20. Cold/flu are caused by viruses.
    Yeah, there’s a surefire cure: time. Either your immune system catches up with them (3-5 days of misery) or you die. Getting a flu shot can get your immune system ahead of the game *if* the immunization is for the same strain. Still, it’s worth a shot. (bada bum! I’m here all week. Try the veal)
    But I guess you really want to ameliorate the symptoms.
    I’ve always heard that large doses of high-proof alcohol are good for cold symptoms. It doesn’t make the symptoms less, but you care about it a lot less. Massive doses of Vitamin C can help with head colds, but will wipe out your intestinal flora. Then there’s the usual claritin etc. type of antihistamine. Works great for colds and allergies.
    For the throat: hot lemonade.

  21. Here’s a good one: sex, or rather the adrenaline rush that goes along with sex, does a very nice job of clearing out your sinuses.
    There’s other ways to get an adrenaline rush, but few as enjoyable.

  22. Find some old bar & see if they have a bottle of Rock & Rye – hard rock candy in a bottler of rye whiskey. It always worked for me when I was young.

  23. This is Black Sheep One posting illegally from work.
    Cold-fixing things :
    First, instant throat relief:
    Split a lemon and lay the split face in a saucer of salt. Gently squeeze lemon to create a paste. Lick paste off lemon for sore throat. Works a treat. Costs very little. Will make your doctor crazy. Probably not great on teeth but you’re doing this once or twice at most.
    (repeat until the lemon is all out of juice).
    Drink this/don’t drive — Mix together:
    Large glass of very hot, not boiling, water
    six teaspoons good honey
    juice and fine zest of one lemon
    four tablespoons good bourbon
    Drink this. Don’t drive. Go directly to bed after — it should take you 15-20 minutes to finish the drink.
    Yes, it will work without the bourbon.
    Third: long hot shower. Put your fingers over your nose up about eye-socket level to create an “umbrella” so you don’t drown, and let the hot water beat directly on your sinuses. Breathe in the steam. Keep this up at least three minutes. You’ll want to lie down afterward, which is fine, but keep your head elevated.
    Fourth: wash your hands. all the time, everywhere.
    Fifth: Vitamin C good, zinc good, hot saltwater gargles good. Spit the saltwater out. Don’t know from Airborne, can vouch for Theraflu.
    Also hot lemonade/tea/chicken soup — inhale the steam as much as possible between sips. Russian tea: Strong tea with honey, ginger, clove, nutmeg or allspice, cinnamon and Tang or un-diluted orange juice concentrate, about 2 tbsp per 8-oz mug, drunk as hot as you can stand.
    Sixth: last resort, for severe infestations only, not a spectator sport:
    Get drugstore hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls.
    Soak a cotton ball in peroxide. Lie down with head hanging over edge of bed. Drip peroxide up nose, sniffing inward. This will flat hurt. However … it will clean out the passages. You may have to repeat this a couple of times if congestion is severe. (This was actually taught to me by a doctor using very hot salt water during a pregnancy; when the hot salt water didn’t work, he turned to the peroxide as a last resort before “nasal cautery” — which is expensive, painful, and not much more effective than the peroxide). Have a friend handy in case you miss because you’ll probably need to get it washed out of your eyes mucho pronto with lots of sterile water/eyewash solution. Also, don’t do this on or in clothes you don’t want bleached.

  24. Late to the party, but as a singer (non-professional, but busy), I strongly agree with the Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat suggestions. It has gotten me through a few performances that I *really* didn’t think I could do. It’s not one of those “oh, my god, I feel like tap dancing!” kind of remedies. It’ll just make your throat feel a little bit better. And if you have to do anything with your voice, it’s a must. (Full disclosure–it tastes a bit of licorice, so if you don’t like that, consider other remedies. I loathe licorice, but I can stand it for how Throat Coat makes my voice feel. It’s that good.)
    Also, a friend of mine suggested a dose of Chartreuse. It’s this bizarre liquour made by a bunch of bizarre monks somewhere in France out of grass and barn sweepings. Well, maybe not the barn sweepings. And yes, it is that color. She swears it’s the best treatment for a cold she’s ever found. It made me hurl, but I’m not a drinker and I was *really* ill at the time, so maybe it really works. Don’t ask me where she gets it. Those monks are *weird.*

  25. Just a few suggestions on the sore throat:
    1. For immediate relief, Chloroseptic spray is a go-to numbing agent.
    2. Prevention magazine suggested freshly cut pineapple, for some magic chemical in it. (I tried this and didn’t get much result, but YMMV.)
    3. For slightly longer term relief, I would suggest a nasal saline spray. My throat usually gets sore because of sinus drainage, and until I kill the beasties in the drainage, my throat won’t stop hurting. Salt water is amazingly effective at beating up bacteria.
    If it’s a cold you’re talking about, my father used a product called Fisherman’s Friend, which is a foul-tasting lozenge (but supposedly effective).
    Best of luck!

  26. Airborn works if you can recognize the first symptoms of a cold/allergies and take it soon thereafter. I use it on ANY airplane flight I take these days and have enjoyed some of my most relaxed and productive travel in years.
    Lemon and honey in hot water/tea is my favorite if the cold sets in and I have to live with it. A large cup of honey/lemon tea and a long hot shower makes things tolerable. If I can avoid work and escape into a good piece of fiction, that’s a plus.
    On the smart-ass side, the best doctor I ever knew told that the best thing about a cold is knowing the time-table. Two weeks if you treat it, fourteen days if you don’t.

  27. sore throat remedy. extra salty fresh popped popcorn.
    i have’t gotten sick in years so that’s all i got.

  28. I find that Airborne works, but only in the first stages. But it’s just vitamins and herbs and crap, so it can’t hurt, either.
    I swear by ginger tea with some rum in it. Boil some ginger root in water to get the tea, sweeten to taste with honey and add rum to taste.
    Then, of course, the New Mexican remedy: hot, hot, hot chile and lots of it. Best if you can get green chile, but red will do. The chile has more vitamin C in it than any other fruit or vegetable and the capsaicin gets your mucus moving and reduces the swelling in your sinus tissues. Plus it tastes good.
    Good luck and feel better.

  29. Chiming in, despite my story sounding very similar to what I’ve read above:
    My wife and I have been using Airborne for a year or so now. It’s supposed to be more for prevention, not lessening symptoms once you’ve got the cold. That’s how we use it – first sign of a cold, or if we know we’re going to be around lots of sick people (which probably means anytime I’m on this site ;-). It’s hard to prove it works, i.e., how do you know it worked if you never get sick? But my wife is absolutely convinced, and I think she’s right. Trick is to nip it in the bud, so on the day you first notice the cold, take Airborne *and* be sure to get as much sleep as you need.
    Good luck and feel better soon.
    P.S.: Let me repeat, since it seems to be a crucial part of curing the cold or reducing its effects dramatically: be sure to get as much sleep as you need. And if *you* can do that, let *me* know how…

  30. And now that I’m not posting illegally from work:
    A tea tumbler full of room-temp Mogen David, drunk straight, followed by a 20-hour nap, works wonders.

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