6 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Too Much Turkee Edition

  1. Had Thanksgiving dinner today at my place. The cats ignored the food, but were grateful to be able to go in and out as they pleased as the nieces and nephews aren’t too careful about watching the door. The commotion was a bit much for them I think.

  2. Cats are individuals. Their tastes are not any more explainable than humans’. They sometimes love stuff that’s bad for them. Some cats will eat anything. Some will turn up their noses at all but one or two things. Some bounce between extremes.
    Onions/garlic and chocolate are not good for cats.

  3. Glad to hear that I’m not the only one with strange cats. I put down a turkey bone with attached meat for each of my cats. They licked the bone for a few minutes, didn’t eat the meat, and wandered away.
    Then today, I’m enjoying dried peas coated with wasabi, and the torti jumps up on me and starts licking the powder that was left in the bottom of the can. Its this cat that when I feed apple wedges (granny smith) to my bearded dragon, the torti jumps up and starts licking the apples also.
    Hold an apple wedge in front of my other cat and he shrinks his head back in a look of distain that shows that he thinks they are poison. (Easy to stop him from begging when I’m cooking – just hold a vegetable in front of his nose).
    Can no one explain cats to me?

  4. I would like to amend my thanksgiving post — I am NOT thankful they’re cheating us of BSG tonite!

  5. so much for carnivore’s. my cats did not go nuts for the turkey. no if it had been my 1st pair…

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