It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Blurst Of Times!?!!?

Oh, the humanity!

To the list of those penning books about the prez add the most authoritative source of all: President Bush. Insiders say that he’s been working on the project for a year. “He’s doing a memoir,” one insider says. “He’s keenly interested in it.” But here’s the odd part: Bush hasn’t actually written a word yet. Instead, he and his aides have been packaging the stuff he wants to reference so that he’ll be ready to write when the project moves into that stage. And that probably won’t happen until after he leaves office.

14 thoughts on “It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Blurst Of Times!?!!?

  1. I am sure the CEO president will delegate the research and writing to someone else and then slap his name on the book…prolly released the same time the GWB Preisdential library is opened in mid 2010…yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Wow. That’s gonna be a textbook for psychology students around the worlds.
    — watertiger (too lazy to check in)

  3. We need Jay Leno on this to come up with one liners:
    If 1 million monkeys type randomly on a typewritter could they recreate Shakespeare?
    The years 200-2008 according to the memory of Arbusco the Shrub? What fiction – he can’t even get right if we are winning or loosing in Iraq?
    If Bush writes his memoirs, the public health fallout will be worse than the pandemic flu? [or by decreasing the population density of the world, he will halt the spread of the pandemic flu? Or he’ll put an end to concerns about world overpopulation? Or he’ll kill off enough people that our fossil fuel usage will decrease to a pre-1920s level thus solving global warming???????
    I’m no good at comedy – but y’all get where I’m thinking.

  4. I wanna read Laura’s book, once she comes out of the Xanax haze.
    If she remembers anything at all, of course.

  5. Working titles: “War and Peeance” “Oedipus Wrecks” “Oil Acquired on the Western Front” “Winston Churchill was a Pussy”

  6. It’s blasphemy around here, but I sincerely hope that our town does not get the Chimpbrary. How embarrassing! (Especially once the Hague gets through with His Fuzzy Knuckledom.)
    *waves at NSA Overlords”

  7. Seems to me that all those boxes are a damn convenient place for important documents to be “accidentally” filed and “inadvertently misplaced.”

  8. >But here’s the odd part: Bush hasn’t actually written a word yet.
    Y’know that’s not odd at all, that he has not written a word.
    This is the same Commander-in-Chief who does not do email.

  9. the sad thing is the bushies will line up to buy the piece of shit.
    and i think the best title-‘what, me worry?’

  10. Kudos for the title. I love it.
    Of course, you’re thiinking of a picture on the front that morphs Arbusco the Shrub with Alfred E. Newman? But they look so much alike already, the morph may lack some of the pizzazz !

  11. Title? One of the author’s own rhetorical flourishes has a suitable ring:
    When Wings Take Dream

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