Ray in New Orleans has a post up about Iraq Veterans Against the War coming to New Orleans to gut homes…

During breaks we talked about the war. I talked about the flood and the barriers to returning home that most New Orleanians face. They talked about depleted uranium testing and PTSD treatment. They were outraged at what they said was the disparity between how much our government spends for engineering battalions to rebuild in Iraq, while a ragtag bunch of volunteers with a pickup truck get to rebuild an American city.

Ray has more and pics.Check it out. I can attest to the incongruity of hearing happy ice cream truck music in the mostly deserted and destroyed neighborhoods of NOLA. While walking through an abandoned block in Lakeview last August I heard them in the distance and thought this is very weird. But later it made sense when I saw one driving down a street and a couple of construction workers came running to get a cool break.

2 thoughts on “Wrecking

  1. when i was there in april just about everyone i met said the biggest obstacle to reconstruction was a lack of warm bodies to do it.
    imagine returning from a tour in iraq and then heading right to the ninth ward to clean up. i imangine that might color your worldview a bit…
    -dan mcenroe

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