Personas Non Grata

I’m sure the Bush twins are just blowing off steam before they enlist, right?

Amid a growing barrage of front-page headlines, U.S. embassy officials “strongly suggested” President Bush’s twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara Bush, cut short their trip to Buenos Aires because of security issues, U.S. diplomatic and security sources tell ABC News.

But the girls have stayed on, celebrating their 25th birthday over the weekend and producing even more headlines about their activities.

Officials say the media coverage upstaged publicity plans for the new U.S. Ambassador Anthony Wayne, who had only recently arrived in the country.


Stories of the twins’ visit took on wild proportions in the Argentinean press. One tabloid headline had the young women running nude in the hallway of their hotel, a report the hotel staff denied to ABC News.

According to sources, the U.S. embassy encouraged the two girls to cut their stay short because the added attention was making their security very difficult.

But to the dismay and anger of some U.S. embassy and security staff, the girls stayed on.

Thursday night, an ABC News producer was able to walk into their hotel unchecked and engage Barbara Bush in conversation while she checked her e-mail on a computer in the lobby. Jenna sat talking with friends on a sofa nearby. No Secret Service agents were anywhere to be seen in the lobby, according to ABC News’ Joe Goldman.

And yesterday the Bush twins were spotted at the Sunday soccer matches, wearing team jerseys and sitting in the owner’s box, watching Argentina’s top team Boca Juniors compete. Several games have been canceled due to violence in the crowds this year. In fact, last weekend no spectators were allowed to attend the match other than season ticket holders.

Sources tell ABC News the twins plan to stick to their original itinerary and stay in Buenos Aires until Thursday.

20 thoughts on “Personas Non Grata

  1. Note to self – avoid Reno when the Bush girls are in town…
    Thor Heyerdahl

  2. I like it.
    If someone wants to buy, I made a typo – should be “All I got…” not I’ll I got.”

  3. Advertising revenue — Anheuser Busch scored a sweet exclusive deal to have their beer brands’ logos tattooed on the first daughters’ buttocks. The effect is almost animated as the girls run naked through the streets of Buenos Aires.

  4. Just think: they know that they could kill a man, and get away with it.
    They know this, and they live like it.

  5. Have they really never gotten jobs? So those fancy educations didn’t get them anywhere?

  6. 25 years old and neither of them has ever had a job.
    bein’ a First Kid is hard work…

  7. Jenna and not-Jenna went to party at Buenos Aires
    and I’ll I got was shot up in Iraq.
    That is a great idea! And we could get a bunch of soldiers to wear it like when they held up that sign of John Kerry not respecting the troop.
    Which one of these people REALLY doesn’t respect what the troops are doing in Iraq.
    A man who fought and was injured for his country or two spoiled brats who party while soldiers die in Daddy’s war?

  8. Can anyone print T-Shirts? Slogans along the line:
    Jenna and not-Jenna went to party at Buenos Aires
    and I’ll I got was shot up in Iraq.

  9. …seriously, now…
    …would you want either of these two providing your cover as you’re kicking down some insurgent’s door in Ramadi, hmmm?
    Let ’em wallow around in the mire of their second-string celebrity status; heck, let ’em run naked down the STREETS of Buenos Aires if they want. They’re 25 years old brats carrying on like college freshmen out of the house for the first time and embarrassing their parents in the process. The last thing in the world I would want would be for any of our troops to have to trust either of these two with their lives…

  10. “Sources tell ABC News the twins plan to stick to their original itinerary and stay in Buenos Aires until Thursday.” Wow, that’s telling off the U.S. embassy and security staff. Such brave role models for young Americans!
    Don’t we need more such brave role models for young Americans in Iraq?

  11. Assholes, both of them. Do you think they’ve heard of Tsar Nicholas II? Or Marie Antoinette?

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