Informant: Cops told me to lie

This was really a terrible story and now it gets worse. Last week Atlanta police shot and killed 88 year old Kathryn Johnston in a supposed drug bust. Officials claimed it was a justified shooting as the woman had shot at them after they entered her home. However new information discredits what officials claimed last week namely that an informant bought drugs at the home and officers knocked and announced prior to entering.Last week officials said police went to Johnston’s home because an informant had bought crack cocaine from someone named Sam at the home…

Police issued a “John Doe” warrant on Wednesday for the arrest of Sam, believed to be in his early to mid 30s, who allegedly sold the drugs to the undercover agent.</blockquote

Now we learn the informant says there was no Sam and the officers involved told him to lie to cover their asses…

However, the informant has since denied to police and a local television station that he purchased the drugs. He also said there was no person named Sam.

The informant, who said he worked with Atlanta police for four years, also told WAGA-TV that he hadn’t been to 933 Neal Street. His identity hidden, he told the TV station that one of the drug officers called him soon after the shooting with instructions.

Quoting the police officers, the informant told Fox 5 News: ” ‘This is what you need to do. You need to cover our (rear). … It’s all on you man. … You need to tell them about this Sam dude.’

Link to WAGA-TV video here

Also last week officials claimed the officers “knocked and announced”

Assistant Chief Alan Dreher said the officers had a legal warrant and “knocked and announced” before they forced open the door. He said they were justified in shooting once they were fired upon.

Now we learn they had a warrant with no knock authorization

Smith’s [narcotics officer] statement also said that the informant had alleged that Sam had installed surveillance cameras at the house and monitored them constantly.

Smith’s affidavit was sufficient to persuade Fulton County Magistrate Kimberly Warden to sign a warrant allowing the officers to enter the house without knocking on the door. Smith asked for the special “no knock” authorization because of the possibility that officers would be injured or evidence would be destroyed.

As for the surveillance cameras..

Also, even though the affidavit said that the house was outfitted with surveillance cameras, Pennington [Atlanta police Chief] said the informant had told internal affairs investigators that police officers had asked him to lie about the cameras. Pennington could not confirm whether the cameras existed.

Police had also said early on that “narcotics were found at the house after the shooting, but on Sunday investigators said they had found only a small amount of marijuana, which police don’t consider narcotics.”

If you were an 88 year old law abiding citizen living in a high crime area and someone was knocking down your door what would you do? This is tragic and disgusting.

2 thoughts on “Informant: Cops told me to lie

  1. Is there a common thread that this is occurring across the continent?
    this in Atlanta; in New York police fire 50 shots into a car (shots also busted windows at nearby buildings – haven’t they learned the first rule of gun safety is to know what lies beyond your target), UCLA policie tasering student, youtube counters with pictures of LAPD punching a cuffed arestee (in a bold countermove, retired police who argue for police cameras to show juries the entire picture, decry citizens using cameras as unjust persecution), youtube also shows pictures of LAPD assaulting bystandarers (the sidewalk had stars in it – shouldn’t be hard to find out where it was), the LAPD retirees decry the use of civilians with cameras). Homeland security database targets peaceful protestors and Quaker discussion groups; the homeland security list of high-profile targets includes a petting zoo in Illinois.
    Is all the terror-mania driving the police? A republican supreme court suspending habeus and authorizing torture?
    Could these be connected? I’m not anti-police and realize that they have a difficult job. But is the hysteria over terror ratcheting up the tension and leading to excessive force. Is it putting pressure on them to perform – resulting in them using tactics that are “dirty” and downright illegal ; making the police the criminals?
    Seeing these, do you think I’m gonna voluntarily visit LA? Argument: If the police are like this to innocent civilians, I’m not going anywhere near there in fear that they’ll do this to me. Alternate argument, if the surroundings are so bad that the police have to resort to these tactics, then the surroundings are so bad that I’m not going there.
    BTW – and yes I realize that St Louis has quite some intersting numbers and episodes too. Not to mention that the ACLU is involved in a citizen project to videotape police actions.

  2. No knock warrants are an abomination. That this would happen was preordained when those fucking things became legal and common.
    I hope her family bankrupts the fucking city with their lawsuit. Won’t bring her back, but it may save the next grannies life.

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