I’ll Be Over Here

Rocking back and forth:

It must be great to be a talk radio host at KSFO. It has been established that you can say pretty much ANY violent or disgusting thing on the air with full management support from:

The Walt DISNEY Company, specifically, Zenia Mucha, Senior
Vice President, Corporate Communications
ABC Radio (owned by Disney), specifically John Hare, the President of ABC Radio Inc.
ABC, Inc, specifically, Heather Rim, Vice President, Communications, ABC, Inc.

They are all just FINE with it. They all know what is being said. What am I talking about? At KSFO, radio 560 AM in San Francisco an ABC Radio station owned by The Walt Disney Company:

  • You can talk about torturing and cutting off an Iraqi’s finger and penis. (audio) Management supports you.
  • You can demand a caller “Say Allah is a whore” (audio) and management supports you.
  • You can talk about shooting and torturing a black man with electrodes attached to his testicles before you “blow his bleeping brainsout” (audio). Management supports you.
  • You can imitate the editor of the New York Times being electrocuted complete with gruesome sound effects (audio) and management supports you.
  • You can talk about attacking the New York Times (audio)
  • You can suggest that someone be:
    hog-tied and burned alive (audio)
    stomped to death (audio) (entire burn and stomp clip here)
    castrated and the testicle sack be used as a tobacco pouch (audio)
    and Disney management supports you.

Seriously, Disney, what’s it going to take?


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  1. Thanks for posting this. In addition to Melanie Morgan getting on Keith Olberman for Worst Person in the World for her comments (thanks to Media Matters and my clips) If anyone wants to write a few advertisers or folks at Disney let me know. I have a list.
    write me at spockosemail atsign gmail . com
    But as I wrote today, Link to Spocko’s Brain [s88172659.onlinehome.us] Rogers bravely defends his violent rhetoric.
    “Nobody is gonna tell me, what to talk about or not talk about or in what fashion on this radio program. It ain’t gonna happen!”
    – Lee Rogers, ABC Disney Radio station KSFO 11/30/2006 05:09 AM
    (The Lee Rogers and Melanie Morgan program, KSFO 560 AM)
    And I want to make clear, this isn’t about his or Melanie Morgan’s or Brian Sussman or Tom Brenner’s ability to have a political disagreement. They will try and cast it as such. This is about continued violent rhetoric, (what David Neiwert [dneiwert.blogspot.com]calls eliminationist rhetoric) and anti-any religion but extreme right wing christianist views.
    The media have a hard time focusing on this distinction because they are afraid that any story that says, “This is too much” will end up being cast as “censorship!” And of course that is exactly how KSFO hosts have played it. Tragically one of KSFO favorite targets IS the media!
    When Morgan says that the reporters from the Wall Street Journal should be hung and the Journal keeps advertising what does that say? That they don’t care if their journalists are targeted for death? I seem to remember one of them was killed; you would think they would be more prickly when people talk about hanging their reporters for doing a story.
    And who, besides millions of Muslims do they want to kill? Liberals.
    Hang ’em from a post.
    cut off their testicles
    stomp ’em.
    Just today I found a clip that points out to advertisers how much KSFO Hot Talk hosts sound like the radio hosts at RTLM, Hutu Power Radio, in Rwanda. They even use the same terminology!

    KSFO cockroach Audio Link
    [s88172659.onlinehome.us]) (
    RTLM cockroach Audio link
    Why don’t the advertisers get it? Well because there is a HUGE firewall set up between them and the content. Piercing it without a boycott is very difficult. I don’t WANT to have to boycott the advertisers. The advertisers don’t want it. Most people have bigger fish to fry, I get that. But I want them to hear this talk and make the decisions based on common decency and a reflection of their OWN corporate values. Which they actually say they have!
    For example:
    I really don’t think that Phil Pacsi, the executive director, North American Consumer Tire Marketing for Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc. who owns Wheelworks (one of KSFO ABC Disney Radio’s Major advertisers) wants his ad to be read right after someone talks about cutting off someone’s testicles. But it took me several hours to even find out who was in charge and multiple attempts to reach him. I don’t want to spread his email as well as the emails for several other VPs to the winds but now he knows what they are saying and it appears that proof with his own ears is not enough.
    So if you want to express your displeasure write me, I have a lot of advertisers, audio clips and other info.
    If you want to write just one advertiser write:
    Phil Pacsi, the executive director, North American Consumer Tire Marketing for Bridgestone Americas Holding owner of Wheelworks
    pacsiphil @ bfusa.com
    sorry Phil, but I’m sure your bosses in Japan like:
    Hideki YOKOYAMA, Vice President and Officer, Brand Management and Product Planning for Bridgestone and
    Masayuki Okabe, Vice President and Officer, General Affairs, Legal Affairs and Corporate Communications;
    Concurrently Director, General Affairs and Subsidiaries Division

    wouldn’t want you to keep supporting these people. If you want me to provide some of their anti-Asian comments I’ll sent them along.

  2. Name the names of some advertisers, I am happy to boycott them. As I have said in more than one nasty letter, I am very good at boycotts, and once the not-buying habit sets in, it persists. I still remind myself periodically that it’s ok to buy Shell; Mandela’s been released from prison, president, and retired, and my habit is STILL to boycott shell. I quit buying Dr. Pepper (a Sinclair advertiser, if you recall) and I have not resumed. And my letters tend to be plenty nasty, because we all know (and I let them know that I know) that talk is cheap, and what really matters is my money, so cut the crap and make me happy, or my business is gone.
    So by all means, let me know the names of some of their advertisers, and I’ll boycott them for years. But I do buy Stride gum, because of that great video by the Dancing Guy.

  3. well, the enlightenment ended around 1950, right? i suppose we can kiss civilization goodbye.

  4. Well, based on Disney’s history, if you say anything bad about Mickey Mouse, you’re gone, no forwarding.
    Family values.

  5. Hmmm. Maybe that is what I should be looking for, when they defame the Mouse. They certainly don’t extend the same protection to the ABC Radio News staff!

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