Your President Speaks!

President Bush Speaks at the White House Summit on Malaria

Because Nothing Says Festive Like Malaria

Thanks for inviting me to what sounded like a festive occasion. (Laughter.)

America is Halfway Around The World

There are members of our own families here in America who are ill, and they live in villages halfway around the world away.

Kids These Days

Because of your work, children who once wanted [sic] to die are now preparing to live, and whole regions are replacing suffering and fear with hope and health.

Guess Which Side He Is On

In this new century, there is a great divide between those who place no value on human life, and rejoice in the suffering of others, and those who believe that every life has matchless value, and answer suffering with compassion and kindness.

There’s A Lot Of People Of Our Country

There’s a lot of people of our country who if called to serve and to love will do so.

Sounds Like He Has A Virus

I want to thank The Gates Foundation. Melinda, thank you for being here. This foundation is a fantastic example of social entrepreneurship. It was caused to be because of fantastic business entrepreneurship. It is now using the business acumen, and the rewards of being smart, to fund unbelievable programs.

Who Which What?

I want to thank ExxonMobil and Marathon Oil, who funded — which have funded anti-malaria projects in some of Africa’s most heavily affected nations.


I fully understand that many times people have got great ambitions and great intentions, but they have no money to do — to help.

UPDATE: One more.

President Bush Meets with President Yayi of Benin

No Man Is An Island, But President Yayi Is A Country

And, Mr. President, I’m proud to announce today that you’re one of the countries that we’ll be concentrating our help upon.

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  1. Make it stop!!!
    Please – I can’t take any more of the president “speaking”.

  2. My god…how can one man much less a president say so many stupid things day in and day out. I mean you have a regular column each day with this idiot’s mangling of language…that just shouldn’t be possible. He had to have surpassed every other president years ago for idiot utterances.
    Thanks for for bringing us each day what is at once a hoot and nightmare.

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