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Nonuts of the North on polar bears.

If the polar bears need more floating ice to survive, let’s get them some more floating ice! Like artificial reefs, we can build fake floating ice, or make real floating ice, and distribute it across the polar bear habitat. Mightn’t this be expensive? you ask. I dunno maybe. I haven’t priced artificial polar bear ice platforms lately. But I will bet you dollars to doughnuts it would cost a mere fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the cost of a Kyoto regime and it would save vastly more polar bears than Kyoto would — at least in, say, the first couple centuries.

9 thoughts on “Your Dumbass Jonah Post of the Day

  1. He really is too dumb for words. I mean really. This is getting rediculous. God, how do we cut off the wingnut welfare that keeps in cheetos ™? If we could cut of his food source he might get too weak to type…

  2. hey kids, let’s build some fake ice.
    Because eco-systems are easy! just one or two items. bear plus ice- all that’s really necessary…

  3. Flory may be right:
    Woodward V. DeFrank [Jonah Goldberg] Worth reading:
    Ford was a few weeks shy of his 93rd birthday as we chatted for about 45 minutes. He’d been visited by President Bush three weeks earlier and said he’d told Bush he supported the war in Iraq but that the 43rd President had erred by staking the invasion on weapons of mass destruction.
    “Saddam Hussein was an evil person and there was justification to get rid of him,” he observed, “but we shouldn’t have put the basis on weapons of mass destruction. That was a bad mistake. Where does [Bush] get his advice?”
    That’s a good deal more nuanced than the Woodward version.

    Yeah, it’s also a good deal less on easily listenable audiotape too idiot!

  4. It’s early. Theres actually still a possibility that this won’t be the dumbest dumbass Jonah post for today.
    Although he does have a point that even the strictest greenhouse gas emissions regime won’t be reforming the polar ice cap anytime soon, so the polar bears do need some help if they’re to survive.

  5. well, both would be good thing, start working on pollution AND help da bears survive. yes. he is an idjit. calling him an idiot insults the stupid.
    thems never ‘get it’. i am wondering if they will ever find out that Mars was once an earthlike planet before they had either a nuclear war or massive global pollution. those litle gocarts on mars better inform the humans quick before we are extinct.

  6. Further evidence that goldberg is an idiot. Humor takes intelligence, jonah ain’t got it, either one.
    And you just have to wonder at the contempt he shows for breathing, as evidenced by his blah blah blah comment.
    And people pay this fool to write?
    Duckman GR

  7. Wow.
    “…I’m far more sympathetic to intervening on a case by case basis than I am to the religious/holistic/Marxist cases for throwing a wet-blanket on global capitalism in the name of curbing greenhouse gas emissions. This is not to say reasonable anti-pollution regulations aren’t a good idea, etc etc, blah blah blah. …”
    It’s Polar Bears, tomorrow it’ll be humans…etc, etc, blah blah blah…

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