Friday Ferretblogging: Toyland Edition

The boys got lots of toys for Christmas from their petsitter and their friends. (From us, they got new cage furniture, pet beds and a hammock. Bo-ring.) Their favorite thus far is this giant plushy octopus thing, with legs you can use to crawl into the octopus. Or, as Stripe does, just climb up on top of it and squish it:

Joey’s more a fan of the inside:


13 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Toyland Edition

  1. Umm…Athenae? I think the big red squishy thing has swallowed your ferret.
    You might want to do something about that…

  2. I preved a very important point to my girlfriend a while back. I threw the new 3 dollar cat toy and the free with purchase petco bag on the floor.
    You know which one the cats went for.

  3. That last photo looks like I felt the morning after the last time I let it all rip on New Years Eve. The furry tongue was the worst part.

  4. toys? pfft. i have string and such. somehow the spares found an old nasty shoe string. ooh ooh ooh momee, we wanna play with that cord that was on that mini fan! cat bed? no way. they like the old wood soda crate. pillows. the warm i-mac. make do.
    oh, who needs cat toys, when the spares have the poor older cat to chase.
    and the older cat is looking younger.

  5. Ferrets make you want a second ferret. It’s how we ended up with three. The first ferret is your gateway ferret. The second ferret is your “dude, I can quit anytime I want to” ferret. The third ferret is, “okay, I really do have a problem.”

  6. I’ll stick to the ferret chow, but it’s good to know the cats have some backup.

  7. I’m currently building a kitty castle / ferret castle in my living room (out of cardboard). I’ll post pics in the new year.
    I like the octopus a lot. You’re making me want a second ferret.

  8. my parrot might like that octopus thing- he loves crawling up inside cozy places.
    OTOH, he might just be terrified of it and crawl up inside my shirt sleeve instead.
    perhaps best to save the $$. damn, I love pet toys.

  9. The Octopus is swallowing the ferret!! Somebody stop him!!

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