14 thoughts on “Happy New Year Cats!!!

  1. As digital archeologists will no doubt conclude thousands of year from now, despite that whole “global village” cover, the Internets were really invented to be a giant digital shrine to the cat gods. This is why the tubes are so tangled up– it’s the cat hair!
    I love little Louiee- whose is he/she? Too cute. I love when they do that prairie dog/meerkat thing.
    Ira Vincent Lebowski is not going to hold it against you for leaving him out. His head is too swollen right now from being in the spotlight over on Plush Life anyway. (thanks 4lg)

  2. Hey, your Bloglines feed has been changed to read HACKED BY DENGESiZ-TR©. I thought I had been hacked until I clicked the link and saw it was First Draft.

  3. How funny!!
    The song drove Maxx crazy too. He hopped up out of a dead sleep and jumped up on the laptop.

  4. that’s been there for months and it makes perfect sense. For fans of canned peaches.

  5. The HACKED at top of page has been removed and returned to what it once read…and yes that was Unauthorized Cinnamon…a Deadwood reference

  6. We always had cats, but my present dog pet hates cats. I do mean hates.
    Adorable! Happy New Year y’all!

  7. You’ll also note that the author names at the top are listed as “Unauthorized Cinnamon” which makes no sense whatsoever.

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