4 thoughts on “Happy Nancy Photo

  1. “Work with” does not equal “allowing them to make patsies of us” or “allowing them to obstruct everything we do.”
    Good on Nancy. We all remember how hard the Republicans worked with the Democrats over the last four years.

  2. the sheeple are sick of partisanship. this will only make republikkkans look bad, IF THE MEDEEYA actually reports it.

  3. This is the classic “between a rock and a hard place” situation. If the Democrats act according to common principles and common sense they will allow Republicans to participate in Congress, and the public will see that as good. But, the hard place is that doing so will stop any action from being taken as the Republicans play every dirty trick in the book to shut down the Congress, leaving the Democrats blamed for not producing on their promises. But, if they lock out the Republicans, that too is reneging on a promise. I’m afraid that now that the Republicans have played “hard ball” with their slim majority, refusing to allow Democrats any participation in Congress, the Democrats have little choice but to continue this new “tradition”, and we all suffer as a result.
    A downside to this is that when Bush finally finds the cojones to veto a bill, if he ever does, no Republicans will even consider joining with the Democrats to override the veto.

  4. No loss of face / No reneging on a promise.
    Demos offered a congenial congress and the repubs have already fired shots across their bow – refusing the deal.
    See the recess appointments that Bush just made. See Bush reaction to troop strength / Iraq Study group. See comments of republican critters.

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