Shooting Dead Fish in a Plastic Barrel

Freepi support our troops, as evidenced by this thread about the 3,000th dead service member in the Iraq war:

Philadelphia Pennsylvania lost over 400 people just this year through crime. The liberal strongholds in the U.S. are far more dangerous than Iraq when you check out the number of dead each year. Go figure.

How many Americans die every year in auto accidents?

Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That’s 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

We lost 3000 civilians in one day.

FLU deaths have increased since the ’60s

Averaging 36,000 a year.

What could be described as the most charitable of all the comments is essentially, “wow, sucks to be their parents.” I’ve said it before, but bears repeating: If they were truly committed to their cause, they wouldn’t need to be so quick to make excuses, to do Sicko Math about car accidents and 9/11 death tolls, to find a way to say eh, it’s not so bad. If they were really deep down confident in the war’s justice and the purity of its prosecution, they would look at the number of 3,000 and say “thank you, thank you, thank you,” as we say to veterans of World War II, not “fuck it, my mother’s cousin’s bridge partner’s husband once told me some shit about homicides in Philly.”

Deep down, they know they’re wrong. And so they’ve got to find a way to explain these deaths away, because conviction isn’t going to get the job done today.


10 thoughts on “Shooting Dead Fish in a Plastic Barrel

  1. Sorry to reply to my own post, but figured out a better way to slap their logic back at them:
    The number of deaths in the WTC and amount of property damage are far less than the same numbers in Iraq. Therefore the WTC was inconsequential.
    Before anyone flames me, I hope you realize I’m mocking the freeper logic and picturing their reaction to the above statement made using their own logic.

  2. Let me try this: The number of deaths and material destruction at the New York World Trade Center is much less than the number of Americans killed in automobile accidents.
    Therefore it is inconsequential.

  3. georgie used the same factoids to say there were WMD in iWaq. as spock would say, they are illogical.

  4. 22:06
    your point #2:
    Can’t the freepers see that they are changing the denominator? Using their logic, if one person eats hemlock and dies…
    That might make a difference, if they were intellectually honest and their only problem was innumerancy.
    But they’re not intellectually honest. Hasn’t the ever-shifting justifications for invading and occupying Iraq made that point abundantly clear?
    Their brains have been eaten by a malignant parasite, not unlike vCJS.

  5. One could make the same argument about New Orleans: so a few people got killed there and a few more lost their homes and jobs, that is a trivial number compared to the number of people who die every year from heart disease and lose their jobs by having to retire. Both cases are trivia compared to the casualty toll of WWII. And the WWII casualty toll is trivia compared to the number of humans who have died in the past 10,000 years. That is trivia compared to the number of grains of sand on Mars. Etc.
    You can always find a bigger number. Although once you get to around 10 to the 40th power it gets much harder.

  6. 1) If Iraq is so safe, perhaps we could help some of these folks go there????
    2) Can’t the freepers see that they are changing the denominator? Using their logic, if one person eats hemlock and dies, that is only one person (versus 100% of the sample with denominator of 1 person times one hour). Therefore eating hemlock is safer than driving a car (killed with made-up numbers of 12,000 people this year out of denominator 200 million people driving times an average of 2 hours a day = 400 person hours).

  7. Wonder what the statistics are on the number of deaths every year due to overconsumption of Cheetos and cranial explosions caused by inadvertent exposure to the truth?

  8. so illegal aliens are killing more americans than Iraqqis.
    okay then. do they say we have to declare war on mexico?

  9. “Deep down, they know they’re wrong.”
    a) this is wishful thinking…more liberal projection of liberal ideology that everyone has some good, even if its hidden. Nice idea, but the cult of republicanism has disproved the theory for a generation now.
    b) so what if they did know they’re wrong (which they don’t). Its their vile malicious actions that are the problem, not their suppressed goodness waiting to burst out.
    liberals/progressives have been passive and complacent for a generation while the cult of republicanism has torn them and the US to shreds by denigrating in every big and small way anyone and everyone possessing and/or expressing the slightest bit of decency. Continuing to project imagined goodness to republican cultists continues to be a huge mistake.

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