Random Wednesday Not-My-Ferret Blogging

Race for charity:

FUNDRAISING ferrets were cheered on by spectators on Saturday night as they raced to make money for a new playground.

More than 150 people crowded into the Curzon Centre on Maxwell Road, Beaconsfield, to enjoy a night of betting and a fish and chip supper.

Backstage, the frisky ferrets relaxed in fur-lined hammocks before taking centre stage.

The night kick-started a campaign by five mums from Beaconsfield to revitalise the Malthouse Square Recreation Ground. The cheering crowd placed bets on which furry competitor would be the quickest through an obstacle course, and raised a whopping £3,700 towards the mums’ project.

My boys are such slackers.


3 thoughts on “Random Wednesday Not-My-Ferret Blogging

  1. How would you motivate them to go all the way through and not curl up for a nap in the middle somewhere?

  2. Mine would have jumped his ramp and (play?) attacked one of the other competitors. He likes his cagemate, but simply wont tolerate other ferrets in his presence.

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