Koufax Awards Nominations

Athenae has a post below on the Koufax nominations asking folks to go nominate First Draft in various categories or whatever you think we deserve.

In her modesty though she missed one nomination.

I believe Athenae is worthy of a nomination in the Best Writing category. Athenae is one of the most unique voices in the blogosphere. Her writing is exquisite and I know each of you know this so I won’t embarrass her beyond this.

Go nominate Athenae!—–

7 thoughts on “Koufax Awards Nominations

  1. i have heard that it is best to never modify unique especially when touting a writing award candidate. to do so dilutes the word. there are no degrees of uniqueness, a thing is either unique or it is not, it simply means the only one. if you are speaking of degrees of originality, you might say that all the applicants for the prized title of mr. universe had unique presentations for the talent competition, but that mr. california’s was the most compelling and sexually arousing, and displayed a personal dedication to his art, not often seen. you would be in error if you said wrestling with pythons in the nude was the most unique talent presentation: it was either unique or not unique. but i would agree with you in grammar and spirit if you say that A, among bloggers, has an unique voice, and one that is worthy of recognition and reward among her peers.
    All the best.

  2. I would say that the stick up your butt must be fairly unique, as it appears to have lodged in the logic center of your brain.

  3. just a note here to remind folks that in addition to the regular Wampum site, there is a new site just for the Koufax traffic. You can nominate at either one.
    But check them both out if you want to read ALL the nominations from others.
    Koufax Awards site [koufax.wabanaki.net]

  4. Hey, fellow writer here.
    “…A, among bloggers, has an unique voice, and one that is worthy of recognition and reward among her peers.”
    I cou;dn’t agree more. Only I think you meant “a unique voice” there, didn’t ya now?
    Don’t be a show off. šŸ˜‰
    No doubt about it – A.is fucking amazing. (It’s okay to qualify “amazing”, isn’t it?)

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