7 thoughts on “Posting This Just Because It’s Really, Really Cool-Looking

  1. This peacock’s plumage is so unusual because it appears asymmetrical. I’d really like to see the full picture.

  2. The hills of Ukiah, CA ring with the cries of Peacock, from the grounds of a Buddhist University near the city.
    I never saw such a striking one before, looks like lace and tye-dye.

  3. We get this kind of stuff in our native birds all the time.
    We had a white hummingbird fly in one day and a cardinal that had a white head and one white wing. Several of the house finches that live here have white plumage also. Must be the water or something…

  4. nature is a strange thing. that is the coolest looking pecock.
    now if only there were reverse albinos. animals with splashes of black.
    ooh, an albino polar bear! extra white!

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